Yarntube 2- Works in Progress and a Design Sneak Peek

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A little crafty fun for you today! A video of what I’ve been working on with some of my in-progress projects. Today is my one-year blogiversary! I didn’t plan anything special, but now you know. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible.

Some quick show notes- My cable needle clamors around while I talk about my knit wrap, sorry about that.

I think I held up my Euphoria Cardi backward. There is a design in the center, but it is in darker yarn and doesn’t show well anyway. I don’t know if I held it backward, or if the design just looks bumpy on camera because it isn’t finished yet.

Yarntube is just a fun video, so more of my personality shows, and it’s less rehearsed than my tutorials. I make a lot of faces. I do, I just can’t help it. Secret fact- when we record tutorials I spend a bunch of time making faces to get it out of my system while my husband gets the camera all set up, tested, centered, and checks everything.

The Euphoria Cardigan is here.  

The Embroidered Knit Wrap is Here. 

I mention in the video that I DO receive items for free. This is a pretty new occurrence for me, but you’ll be seeing/hearing disclosures in more of my posts in the future. I do also have links on the right sidebar (click the arrow in the green border if you don’t see them) for companies that I am an affiliate for. This means that if you shop there, after following my link, I do make a small commission. It does NOT cost you any extra. I am very specific about what companies I will work with, so I will never share companies that I personally would not shop at. I’m a tough critic, I’d never like something just because it was free.

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