Wooden Tools

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My love of vintage doesn’t stop with just magazines, or textiles, or housewares, it really just goes on and on. I also love and tend to acquire vintage craft tools.I often  browse ebay for random lots of vintage supplies. Sometimes I get a real winner. Recently on ebay I won a lot of “vintage rugmaking tools,” but like most people they didn’t know what they had. This particular lot was about half craft, and half other. 

Two of these items belong in a kitchen. Do you know which ones?!?

Three would be near a closet, dresser, or shoe rack. 

Two I feel certain are actually toy drum sticks. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I considered bobbins for bobbin lace but just don’t think so. 

And some, little cone shaped pieces, I don’t actually know what they are! 

The star of the lot was the tufting tool shown above, and this gem that you’ll hear more about later. The seemingly handmade crochet hook next to it is beautiful as well. 

I got this, which I don’t actually know what it is. Any ideas?? Unfinished project perhaps? 

And 50 points to the reader who knows what this is. 

I bet my son $5 but he couldn’t figure it out. I know already, and had one before, though I prefer the special spoon instead. If you know what it is, or any of the other items, play along and comment below! 

Do you also buy miscellanous vintage tools and oddities? Or am I the only one? 


  1. These are fantastic! I also have a vintage tool fetish. (Misty)

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