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What Size Hat to Make?

I’ve had this post sitting in drafts for a while and with hat season upon us I decided to share it now.

Have you ever wanted to make a hat for someone but had no idea what size it needed to be? Maybe your family lives far away, or maybe the hats are to donate, or maybe you’re adopting and have no idea their head size yet. Well, there are some standards for head sizes! This chart comes in handy regardless of craft technique, so whether you knit, crochet, sew, or felt this will help you know what size to make! 

I’ve searched and read tons of websites with charts and the standards seem to be about the same.

Here’s a handy dandy size chart:

Preemies- Truly everything from mere inches up to 12”

Baby- 14-16

Toddler 16-18

Child- 18-20”

Teen- 20-22”

Woman- 21-23”

Men 22-24”

Especially if the hat has stretch then you should be pretty good to fit if it’s in that range. I find that a 20” hat with good stretch will fit almost everyone who tries it on.

Hopefully, this helps you with your hat making! I do have a hat pattern I need to put out soon (I made the samples last winter!) and these numbers will come in handy! 

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