Every week I discuss what I'm working on how it's going and what I'm up to. --My Workbasket

 I was fairly busy last week. Several days of leaving early and coming back in the late afternoon or evening. My husband had some weird hours at work, and some evening plans so our days were a bit wonky. I did manage to craft, but it’s all for stuff I can’t show yet. So this not a photo filled weekly workbasket. 

I have an original knitting pattern that I am designing and test knitting. I’m quite happy with it! Came out even better then I expected. It’ll be released in October.

I also worked on a Tunisian crochet hat pattern, another original, which will be released later this month.

I have started my squares for the Tunisian Throw CAL! In fact I have finished my A squares already and have started my B squares. I’m trying to stay one week ahead. On Tuesday there will be a new post with a video of HOW to stitch block A and I’ll show my finished squares.

I also got a crafty gadget that I’ve been playing with. You’ll see it in the near future as well. I could share a sneak peak of it, but it doesn’t look like much. It’s what I’m doing with it that matters. What I’m doing is jewelry making. Hopefully jewelry making, I’ve been having some struggles. I bought a gadget that is meant for kids crafts, but hope to complete some cool fiber arts related jewelry with it. I have pretty much mastered using it as intended, but the fun stuff has it’s struggles.

So that’s my week last week. My week next week is fairly unplanned still. I will hopefully be completing a second item from the September Issue. I have a project from August that is motif based that I need to finish a few more motifs and sew them all together.

What about you? What are you working on this week?

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