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Just some of the things I'm working on this week. Three painting samples, some painted rocks, and more!
Chatter Craft Chatter Weekly Workbasket

Weekly Workbasket- September 24

How was your week last week? Amazing I hope! Mine was okay. I did some good stuff, was fairly productive, had some fun. Here’s a visual example of my week :

Just some of the things I'm working on this week. Three painting samples, some painted rocks, and more!

If you haven’t seen yet I released not one but TWO free hat patterns last week. The 1967 Beret, and the 1967 Ribbed Beanie! It always takes a certain amount of work to release a new pattern but I got that all done and both patterns are on Ravelry if you want to save them for later.

A friend has been asking me for probably a year or more to teach some painting classes on her farm, and we’re finally pulling that together so I painted three samples for her classes. Which one is your favorite? So far everyone that has seen them has a different one. I like the golden fields best.

My son and I found this book online, Knit Me, Dress Me, Love Me, which features several adorable animals to knit and a wide variety of clothes and supplies for them. I have a fondness for animals in clothes, (especially Badgers for some reason) and he adores Monkeys and collects them. There is no badger but there is a monkey, so I ordered it right away. Despite the fact that he recently bought yarn for me to make him a monkey that yarn won’t work for this monkey (at least he says it won’t) and we’ll be off to the craft store again this week for monkey yarn. I hope to start this week. (Because what is one more project right?!?!)

Have you Seen the new Annie’s Fall Collection??!??! Several really great designs including the
Euphoria Cardi
 which I have already started! I had to go buy yarn for it and picked the color you see above. Lion Brand Mandala in the Spirit Colorway. I also got another of their fall patterns and you’ll probably be seeing that in next weeks Workbasket.

You may remember that my homeschool group did a painted rocks day and we had tons of fun. Only one problem, none of the kids want to actually hide the rocks they painted. So I took all the extra rocks and am painting ALL of them with fun quick designs. Then the kids can have them and hide them without personal attachment. So far I’ve done the stash you see above and still have about a half a colander of rocks left. I’m really liking it though, so when these are gone I wouldn’t be surprised if I buy another giant bag of rocks and just keep going. Have you tried painting rocks? Is your neighborhood/town in on this recent craze of rock hiding?

Depending on where you are these first days of Fall may not be feeling very Autumnal. It isn’t here! We actually went swimming Friday! That large brown object is actually a giant chunk of log and was floating just barely at the edge of the water. Giant sucker just floating there. My son and I rolled it end over end and create a nice seat right at the edge of the water. The water wasn’t bad, cold at first, but enjoyable. However, there were a ton of biting flies when you came out of the water! We swam and then left, no sitting on the sand to dry off. I suspect it will be our last swim of the season. We have some giant stuffed pool float animals and I had him hose them off when we got home so they are storage ready.

I’ve also been working on the blocks for the CAL, and several other projects I have coming down the pipe to share with you! A very nice balance, some fun, some work, some productivity. Don’t forget the new CAL block and video comes out Tuesday,  and I’ll be doing a “Yarntube” video this week! (I’ll sit and record myself chatting and showing you stuff.) I’m hoping to do it Wednesday, which will be perfect because I got a deal on some yarns and am picking them up Tuesday.

I also have a facebook group for all of you, my Crafty Friends, where we just chat about projects, and handmade items and the stories they tell. I’d love to have you (and any friends you’d think will like it!) It’s a fairly quiet group so far, but I try to get everyone talking with some crafty prompts.

I am still am struggling with a good gluten-free bread recipe using all this flour I bought, and I’m hoping to spend some time this work working on it before all the flour is wasted on failed attempts and gone!

Please, tell me about your week in the comments below! Misty, how is your scarf coming? Susan, I never heard back from you with some questions I had about the font, feel free to contact me! Heather and Roberta, how are your Tunisian blocks coming?

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