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A few photos I took at Mount Vernon, which is simply a wonderful place to visit!-- My Workbasket
Chatter Weekly Workbasket

Weekly Workbasket for September 17- Mount Vernon and More!

How was your week last week? Mine was simply delightful! Well, mostly. A little bit of stress and annoyance with my neighborhood, but let’s focus on all the good stuff instead!

I had a pretty productive week craft wise, although I have several projects I want to finish today in order to be on my own self-created deadline. I have a free pattern I designed that will be coming out (hopefully) this week, and I am knitting up my third sample to test the pattern. I also need one more square for my current block in the CAL. Add in the crafts from the actual magazine and I have quite a few things in the works.

Every Monday my homeschool group has a park day, which usually gets us off to a fun start of the week. Then Tuesday we went out to get my son’s bike fixed and go to Michaels. I got SUPER lucky at Michaels. Everything I needed or wanted was on sale, most for 1/2 off! Next month I’ll be teaching a painting night for a friend, and getting the supplies and set-up for it is a bit expensive, but the paint I needed was half price AND came with a free pump! Then I also got some stickers for my bullet journal and some funky printed cards.

I am just TERRIBLE at correspondence! Usually, even if I get the item written, signed, and in an envelope, I never actually make it to the post office to mail it. (Leslie, I still have your package! I’m such a goober! I’m trying to adding some extra treats for you though.) When I saw cute cards with envelopes for a great price I pounced on it. In a perfect world the premade card will be a great base to jazz up with painting, stamping, etc. but in this world, there is a good chance I’ll just throw a sticker on it, or even leave it plain and send it on its way. Sometimes, very often, always, done is better than perfect.


Two items I snagged from Michaels for an amazing price!-- My Workbasket

Wednesday was simply perfection! The weather was beautiful, if not a bit hot, but my son and I went with a friend to Mount Vernon! It had been on our to-do list for quite a while and really isn’t a terrible drive from where we are. Over the summer I got some discount tickets from a website and prebooked for Wednesday. I was SO nervous that the weather wouldn’t coordinate and our trip would be put off. My son has always had an interest in the Presidents, especially the big names and older years, so he was really looking forward to it. In the end, my son said he liked it all, but there were two parts he liked less. Those two parts were the building that takes your tickets, and the amount of walking. A few photos I took at Mount Vernon, which is simply a wonderful place to visit!-- My Workbasket

Here you can see a few photo highlights of the trip. The main mansion at the top. The bottom left is the tomb of General Washington, with Martha Washington on the left. The spinning house, which was one of many outbuildings. Some amazing flowers from the garden, a colorful poinsettia I believe. And a large stained glass window in the main entrance building featuring General Washington.

I actually learned quite a bit and really enjoyed it. It really is more of a village than a building, with separate outbuildings for so many workers, slaves, and jobs. There was a spinning house, a salt house, a smokehouse, a house for the gardener, a house for the overseer, a paint cellar (!) and so much more. The tour of the actual main house is only about 20 minutes but to see all the outbuildings and gardens takes several hours. We were there from about 11 to 2:30.

One thing I found wonderful was that one set of gardens used wide squares as plots. Sounds basic enough, but what I found unusual was that the outside perimeter, about 4-5 feet in from the edges were all beautiful flowers and lovely berries, and gorgeous things to look at. BUT the inner area beyond that was more production items to supplement the other gardens. Around the edges of the large square gardens stood things like citrus fruit in large planters. I have seen citrus grown in planters in this zone before, but it didn’t cross my mind as to how they kept them alive in the winter in that era. I mentioned to my son that we could grow citrus, but we don’t have a room that warm and sunny enough to bring it inside from the cold. George Washington, or his gardener, thought of everything! He had a fire room which would have a fire going continuously and flues which sent the heat into a greenhouse! I didn’t see the greenhouse, but the idea of a fire room was pretty neat. The fruit orchard was wonderful to view too. The whole experience was simply divine whether you love history, or gardening, or both! Washington believed that only the current president should use the title, so when he retired from his presidency he was known as General Washington. As seen here on the pomelos from the citrus trees!

At Mount Vernon they label the beautiful giant pomelos to avoid theft! Don't steal from General Washington!-- My Workbasket

So if you ever get a chance to visit Mount Vernon I do HIGHLY recommend it. We took almost a hundred photos! I intend to go again. I think it really takes a long day or two trips to really see and do it all. There is a whole museum and interactive exhibit we missed (left before traffic picked up) and also we didn’t actually watch the orientation video. We also didn’t make it over to the grist mill and distillery.

As if that wasn’t enough we finished out the week with going to the fair on Friday! My county offers a Kids Day, which has discounted admission, extra booths of interest to kids and families, and a little less of the overwhelming rides.

That puts us at now, the weekend, when I’m writing to you and finishing up (and starting) craft projects!

Have you ever been to Mount Vernon? Do you love to garden? Ever eaten a pomelo? How was your week? Whatever you have to say I’d love to hear about it!

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