Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Just a few of the projects I worked on this week, some sneak peeks of upcoming free patterns, and some fun!-- My Workbasket
Weekly Workbasket

Weekly Workbasket- September 10

Did you have a good week last week? Mine was fantastic! I was really quite productive and most of my projects to do list is done! Crafty to do list especially. My chore cards did languish a bit, but I did at least hold the house together. Just a few of the projects I worked on this week, some sneak peeks of upcoming free patterns, and some fun!-- My Workbasket

School is officially back in session where I am, so the neighborhood is much quieter these days. Our homeschool group is in full swing and we had out first art day! We painted rocks for kindness rocks, though most of the kids want to keep theirs instead. I’ll be painting quite a few to give away, so all the kids have some to give also. We started out with a massive bag of rocks and ended with a colander full. In the photo you can see the ones my son and I did. I’ll be finishing up the colander full with some paintings for the kids to have and leave out for their finders. While everyone else is picking up the school supplies my family is still Not-Schooling.

I also experimented with some beeswax crayons and drew the pumpkins you see. I really believe that we should be teaching younger generations crafts. Not just gluing googly eyes on construction paper but also true handicrafts! By buying good supplies and teaching them valid handicrafts you are setting them up for success in so many ways. To me beeswax crayons are an easy way to show that you are invested in their success, you want their work to be good, and you trust them to make good work.

You’ll also see not one, not two, but THREE hats! All finished (and two started AND finished) this past week. All of them will be free patterns featured on the site this month! So stay tuned for that.  The pom-poms, so fluffy!!! I have a gadget that I LOVE for pom-poms!

I also have recorded the video for the next stitch you need for the CAL! It will be up on Tuesday! I’m planning to have all my square B squares done by Tuesday and will be starting square C. If you haven’t joined in it’s not to late! I’d still love to have you.

I’d love to hear about your week last week and also what you have coming up that you’d like to share!

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