My Week in one picture- My Workbasket
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Weekly Workbasket- October 1st

October 1st? WOW! I have had a super productive week! How was your week last week? I really would love to know. Chime in in the comments and tell me about your week and what you’ve been working on!

I have had a super productive week! How was your week last week? I really would love to know. Chime in in the comments and tell me about your week and what you’ve been working on!

My Week in one picture- My Workbasket

Last weekend I found an ad on Facebook for a lot of weaving yarn at a great price! (Seriously mind-blowing price! Only $15!!) And we picked it up on Tuesday. It turned out to be one large bag or two half-full trash bags of really nice yarns. 100% wool, merchandized cotton, rayon, just simply amazing stuff. The lady owns a loom her dad had made for her and said she just hasn’t woven in ages. I do own a variety of looms (2 rigid heddle and several small lap looms) and do intend to do some weaving, but some of it will be other projects as well. The spools are in various stages of fullness, from large thick cones to small 15-20 yards bits. All beautiful colors too! I intend to warp up a rigid heddle and slowly work on a Saori style scarf. Here’s more:

Look how lucky I got with a weaving yarn destash! My Workbasket

Before we picked up yarn we went grocery shopping. I asked my son if he wanted beets and he said a very enthusiastic “YES!” Then proceeded to pick the largest beet you’ve ever seen. It weighed 4.9 pounds and I don’t even want to discuss what it cost. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and we thrive on those. I wasn’t even sure what to do with it! I chopped it all into reasonable chunks and steamed it in my Instant Pot. Notice how full it is! That’s the 10 cup line! We also tried a “Cricket Bolognese Sauce” at the store as a sample.

Crafty-wise I was super productive. I started and finished a monkey from the book I mentioned, Knit Me, Dress Me, Love Me. I have mixed feeling about him, I think yarn really makes or breaks this pattern. My son does love him though, and over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on his clothes. So you’ll be seeing more of him.

I also whipped up a small fish for my cat using a pattern from Creative Bug. It’s part of a large project (a fish mobile) but I’m just making up fish and stuffing them with fluff and some catnip. My cat LOVES his fish. (I’ve talked about Creative Bug before, I’m still loving it!)

I also finished up a test idea for a pattern I’m designing. It’s a hat, and you can see a stack of them above. It’ll be a free pattern and releasing very soon! It’s done in Tunisian Crochet, so it’s a fantastic project if you’re doing the CAL, and can be done in the round, or flat.

I also designed another free pattern that will be releasing soon! I also worked on my Epic Knit Wrap, AND My Eurphoria Cardi, both of which you’ll be hearing a lot more about. They are both being updated on my Ravelry page and WILL have longer posts here when they’re done. I just showed off the pattern on Thursday, in my first Weekly Wonders post.

Did you see my Yarntube last week? I show off several of these projects in the video.

As for housework? Well, have you seen the image going around? “Crafts come before Housework in the Dictionary” they generally do in my life too. I do work a little every day on my house, but being totally honest my ratio of cleaning to crafting is not very good.  Fall is my very favorite and most productive time of the year! I’m so glad it’s here!

I’d LOVE to hear what you’re working on! How is your life going? What have you got going on the needles, hooks, or sewing machine? If you don’t craft just tell me about life.

*Disclosure- Some items featured in this post were sent to me free in exchange for a review or to talk about and share.  I am also an affiliate for several companies and may receive a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you shop through my links.


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    1. Yes! We’re still chipping away at it, probably need to finish it up really soon now that I think about it! I’ve done a couple pots full cooked a few different ways. I did one with some vinegar and thyme, I did one with diced up pepperconis and some of their juice, and other but I forget how. To me, the taste seems more mellow than smaller beets do.

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