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Weekly Workbasket- May 28

It’s May 28th

I have had the best day! Earlier I took my son and two friends to a local school and randomly bumped into a local guy who is a Guinness World Record holder! He is on for something bike related and put on quite a show for us when I asked if that was him. The new book comes out in August and I have a feeling we’ll be buying it and then carrying it around hoping for another encounter and a chance to get an autograph! It was really cool. My family also went out and visited a local comic book store, I saw some awesome stuff but didn’t get anything, and then to Sonic! Sadly I can’t eat at Sonic, but I do LOVE their cherry limeade and ocean water, so I usually just get one of those. Darn the lack of gluten free jalapeno poppers! We also put on The BFG, which was originally intended to be on in the background while I knit, but was SO good, I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked. Just an all around amazing day. So often it doesn’t take anything overwhelming or expensive to just make a great day. Hopefully this a great start to the new week!

My to do list this week includes all the basic boring items of cooking three meals a day, doing some grocery shopping, ACTUALLY starting that plan to work on the living room, hopefully getting rid of a bunch of stuff by giving it away, AND pricing stuff for a book sale.

In more creative plans I am on the hunt for a good sealer which can go over the acrylic paint on my “Paint Your Own Garden Gnome” and can actually withstand being in my garden. Any suggestions? I’m afraid anything to serious may effect the paint job, but anything to mild may cause him to only last a short while outside.

I also have several projects that are going and need finishing, or need started. The June issue is released this week! I have a scarf on the needles, a surprise onĀ  the crochet hook, and finished a hat today at breakfast! I’ve very excited to be planning a BIG July here on the blog, so I’m trying to really crank out stuff for that. I even stocked up on more yarns recently! According to my receipt I bought 35 items! And if you’re curious, no, I don’t have specific plans for really any of them. It seems that every month I need the opposite of what I have, and even though I have several craft stores nearby it is just tricky to go and get one or two things. I also tend to start new projects spur of the moment, and need to be set, so I prefer to stash. I’m hoping to start “kitting up” projects, by placing all the needed materials in a ziploc with a note for which pattern it is for. We’ll see when I actually start doing that. My son is going away to his grandparents in June and I’m hoping work my butt off cleaning the craft room, so maybe I’ll be kit ready after that.

Funny story, at the craft store I was so yarn-headed that I forgot to look for a sealer, AND for the dowel to complete the Bun Bunk that was sent to me! So I’ll be back at the craft store one day this week. Then hopefully making the Bun Bunk from the Fad of the Month Club soon after!

Last week my son and I sat down together and did some drawing, and I’m hoping to make that a more regular thing. We really enjoyed it, and it was nice to get out some of my art supplies.

Since it’s almost JUNE! (Every month I say “How did this happen?!?!?!” and this month is no different.) I need a new planner section for my travelers notebook. If you’re not familiar it’s a notebook that is essentially exactly what you want it to be. There is an elastic strap that holds in your choice of journals and pages. Usually I do a lined notebook, a weekly planner, and a yearly planner. There is SO many kinds of refill notebooks on the market. You just can’t even imagine. My weekly planner runs out at the end of June, so I need to decide what I am replacing it with and either buy it or make it. So I may be pulling out my paper trimmer and long reach stapler this week. Maybe I’ll make up a few fun mini-books to put in my online shop, which isn’t completely set up yet. (Another to-do)

So, last week I told you about my big May project, the Collared Shawl from the May 1980 issue. I wish I had good news. I am truly beginning to think this shawl is cursed. I finally brought myself to pull out the collar in order to sew up the two panels. I put it off so long. The pattern called for 14 ounces, and it just could not be more wrong.

The shawl needs probably at least 16 ounces. I did not have enough to complete the collar, and it would have taken a lot of adjusting to the collar to make it work. I already shortened it by two inches, and still ran out with several inches left to knit. I didn’t even have any left to sew the pieces together. I started to sew the two back panels, and I kid you not, my yarn broke! My husband heard me yelling and came to check on me! That’s how frustrated I was. Even now that shawl is sitting in my living room waiting for me to pick it back up. Also, worth noting, this thing is huge! I laid it out for this picture and was so wowed I laid next to it to measure it. I am 5’8″ and it is at least as wide as I am tall. Add in the bright rainbow colors, and it’s an eye catcher.

I recently ordered a stash of supplies to try quilling, and hope to maybe start a project this week. I did a few random blobs last week, but I definitely need to set down with a more structured plan of what I am going to make.

I did work on my peacock from last week. The head and neck are almost done!

I’m sure I’m forgetting several things. The week ahead feels both overwhelming and surprisingly empty, so it’s a weird balance. I’ll have a few blog posts popping up, including a recipe my son made to share with you, a review of the Denise Interchangeable Crochet set (with a 15% off coupon code for you!) and the June issue will be revealed!

Please, check in with me! What’s in your workbasket this week? I really do love to hear from you and know more about you.

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  1. The colors on the shawl are amazing as well as the size! That is unfortunate that the instructions were so wrong.

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