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Weekly Workbasket- June 4th

I started these posts to help show that I am being productive behind the scenes, but I feel like it shows the opposite. This is the third week and I feel like I’m still working on half the items from the first week. When you really pay attention to time it just seems to show how much it flies doesn’t it?  I have worked on the 5D peacock, the head and neck are complete (except for the beak) I have a stack of projects standing by for the blog next month, and am working on some for this month. I’m struggling with the June 1952 crochet medallion, it just isn’t coming out the way I pictured, and now I keep picturing other ways to use it. I’m using a gray fingering weight but picture if I used a super fine mohair, OR used a self striping worsted weight. Could make a very lacy scarf or a nice afghan! I need to finish the gray, and then if time and interest allows make something else with it. It is a nice little medallion. Maybe I’ll make some medallions in several sizes and yarns, and then you can see the versatility when I post the pattern later this month! Cha-Ching! That idea is a zinger!

I never did try the quilling yet, so I’m transferring that to this week’s to do list. I also didn’t get rid of a ton of stuff, and am doing book sale pricing today. Which reminds me, can I talk about the weather for a minute? UGHHHHH this weather!!! I love the cool comfy days, I do. I am by no means asking for 100 degree heat, but could the rain stop? We live in Maryland near the bay, and it is a mess here. My containers in the garden are constantly flooded. I have to set aside time to go dump the excess water out instead of setting time to water them. On days it doesn’t rain I am having to let them dry out some instead. The worst part is- no swimming! You’re not supposed to swim in the bay after a rain and it is constantly raining! Now that the pools are open we can at least swim there. The rain also is stopping me from getting rid of stuff. That’s the most frustrating. Usually our homeschool group has a “stuff swap” where we take things to get rid of, it’s been rescheduled multiple times already due to the rain! I have an Ikea bag full of stuff I am constantly tripping over, that is waiting to go to the swap. I would just take it to the thrift store, but I specifically picked swap items I knew people in the group may want. So, this rain, ughh.

*end weather rant*

If you follow me over on instagram you’ve seen some highlights of my week. I shared this sneak peek of a July project. I also mentioned that I haven’t been able to work on projects most of the week. I had two massive blisters on my thumb, and knitting or crochet would have been impossible without popping them open. I didn’t want to risk doing that and them getting infected (and me needing even more time off) so I let them heal for a few days. Better now. Though my thumb pad is a bit tender still. But now I’ll be back to knitting and crocheting fairly constantly. I took advantage of my own coupon code and ordered some extra pieces for my Denise needles and hooks. I’m going to try double ended crochet, so I ordered just one extra G hook. I also got the replacement 10 knitting needle, because mine are lost somewhere, and extra cables. So I’ll be patiently awaiting that package.

I also posted on Instagram some very oddly colored 1972 food photos. I’m toying with the idea of regular family appetizers. We have a strict 7 pm dinner time, but often get munchie around 5:30. So I may start setting out a daily appetizer of some kind. Was looking through an old book for ideas. One genius idea is tiny hamburgers! Going to be making those one day this week and I’ll share it here for you. I’m really loving the idea of making stuff and then freezing it. If you’re shaking your head, saying “Appetizers?!?! What an over achiever!” Rest assured, if I actually do it at all, most days it’ll be a pack of chips and hummus thrown on the table. Well, most days it probably won’t happen at all. Over achiever I am not. My neighbor suggested the idea, then I shrugged it off as slightly insane, then she said “like a 50s housewife” and I suddenly was very interested! (Not even joking, that is exactly what happened) In theory, if my son went to school he’d have a snack when he got home right? The only difference here is that we usually eat lunch at 2 and then aren’t hungry until 5, instead of a more traditional school schedule. We are somewhat anti-snack people, we just don’t usually eat them. I don’t usually buy them. So this seems like a happy medium to crunch that 5:30 snack attack and have a little more control over what we’re eating.

Besides me taking a yarn break I have been crafty, and my son has been super crafty lately too. We didn’t do another drawing session, but he took up finger knitting and made a very impressive chain of it. We used loops that were meant to be for a potholder loom, but the looms were so small and tight they were bending the loom and popping the prongs off! So I showed him finger knitting instead. Those are my fingers, on the sample chain, which he later took apart to steal the loops. I offered him yarn when his loops ran out, but he wanted more loops, so I threw some extra in an online order I made. There is a fair amount of “kids crafts” happening around here. We’ve done water color, the finger knitting, making putties and slimes and bouncy balls, and more that I’m probably forgetting. Our days have been pretty full.

I STILL have to go back to the craft store for sealer and a dowel, AND I can’t believe I’m saying this, more yarn! All that I bought a week ago, and I need another skein or two. I’m going to make some “reusable water balloons” that I keep seeing all over the place, or at least some circles that will function the same way. They use the blanket yarn. I’m sure there is a pattern, but I’ll just make something up, and then I’ll tell you what I did in case you want to make some too! Right now the blanket yarn I have is for projects, so I don’t want to cut myself short later.

Leslie, how is your move going? What about everyone else? What are you working on? I’d love to hear about how your life is going! Please comment and check in about your adventures and misadventures.

PS. That rainbow shawl, still sitting on the ottoman, still only sewn up to the point the thread broke. I still have no idea what I will be doing with it.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Workbasket- June 4th

  1. I’m hoping to find some time to try finger knitting over the summer! I’m looking forward to seeing how these turn out.

    1. We haven’t tried it yet, but I found free directions online for a finger knit cat toy! I imagine one of us will be making some of those.

  2. I’ve been packing up my car every weekend and driving stuff up to where I’ll be living. I have a house up there, and am emptying the apartment fairly successfully. The problem is cramming the stuff from the apartment into the already-full house! I’m not working on anything other than that (except I made a lime mousse cheesecake to take to work,and am about to make a Nutella cheesecake, to thank my co-workers for the lovely retirement party they threw for me. Eight more days of work to go!

    I haven’t had time to post anything here, but I’m always happy to see your new columns. I just went to a book sale and found some delightful old cookbooks that I’ll bet you’d enjoy, too!

    1. Good for you! Staying on top of it. Those cheesecakes sound amazing too. I have SO many old cookbooks it’s crazy, and I always buy more. I think my oldest is 1908, but the majority of my stash is 50s-70s. I’m planning to share some of mine here one day, maybe do some of the recipes and show them off a bit.

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