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Weekly Workbasket- June 25

Hello Folks! I’m writing this post from my childhood home in the country! It’s been quite a week. The trip to get here was uneventful. The last few miles of the drive I was practically racing a storm. I could see it out my car window and knew I was driving almost right into it. We ran into the house in the rain, and then it picked up and then we unloaded the car in a slow spot. My parents run a car wash here and most of the days we just spend time there, playing games and stuff together in the slow times, entertaining ourselves when my parents are busy. My niece has been around most of the week, and her and my son have spent many hours together, including making a house out of a giant cardboard box.

When we arrived this quilt was on my bed. My mom rescued it from the thrift store. A perfect sign of my roots. She taught me to love crafts and respect them, and I taught her to shop at the thrift.

Last Week:

It’s always nice to see family, I also love coming here for just a mental break. I usually come back with a clear line of thought on something I’ve been struggling with. I admit though, my main reasoning for enjoying it is thrift shopping! There are three thrift stores within walking distance of my parents shop.Two are within close visual distance, and one is a brief walk. The last few visits I’ve gotten a thing or two, but haven’t been very lucky. This trip is different, I have had AMAZING luck! Over on instagram I shared a photo of a single trips purchase, but this is really just the tip of the iceberg!

Some various crafty supplies, a bag of beautiful old buttons, and that is a collectible Wagner Ware cast iron skillet. I am pretty sure there is other buttons that I have snagged too. I had a box going and as I got back from a store I’d load my new haul into the box, so most of it is packed away until I get home. There will probably be a whole post about my finds when I get home and unpack it all. I know one item tucked away is a Hull Pottery piece that I’m excited about.

We also spent Friday night with some extended family. Unfortunately my Aunt is very sick, to the point that aunts and uncles are making their (probably) final visits. It’s bad, and it’s sad. Luckily I am young enough that I get to split my time there with sad grown up talk, and more so playing and chatting with my cousin’s children and my son. That side of the family is funny in general and even a funeral is often more like a laugh in.

One of the biggest events last week is that our kitten plans have changed drastically, and the biggest find of the week was not at a thrift store at all. This is Kismet, whose discovery and story makes his name well earned. I’ll tell the whole story in another post, and I’ll include a free crochet pattern I made as well. I’m still a bit emotional that the original kitten will not be coming home with us (my husband said absolutely only one kitten) but this is just so clearly meant to be.

Besides thrift shopping, kitten finding, and family visiting, I have also been crafty! I brought two projects, a scarf I’ve been working on for the August issue, and also the supplies to try Doubled Ended Crochet. I’ve worked on both. The scarf to the point that I decided I better slow down some or I’ll be down to just one project while I’m here, and I hate that. I have worked the double ended crochet. I got the hang of it quickly, because I already know tunisian/afghan crochet, but I had a pattern in my head that I just couldn’t get to turn out right. I finally made a pattern I like, and once I make it again (or a few more times) and double/triple check my notes I’ll be sharing it free here on my blog, or maybe free to subscribers only!

Next Week:

Coming up this week I will be taking Kismet to the vet here, in an attempt to rid him of fleas before we take him to our house. We’ll probably be staying an extra day in order to get that situation all cleared up. My husband said he’d rather me stay an extra week if needed as long as I don’t bring a single flea home with us!

I’ll probably get that scarf finished, will need to decide fringe or no fringe. Where do you stand on scarf fringe? On one hand I love it, I think it adds a finished look, but on the other hand it does tend to tangle and get knotty over time. I’ll probably work on the double ended crochet pattern.

The rest of my to-do list really depends on what day we end up going home. The original plan was Tuesday, leaving early in the morning, but now the plan may be Wednesday, or depending on what the vet says, possibly later. I don’t really like to stay very long because it tends to be much harder to acclimate back into our life at home. Here you “go into town” for everything, and it takes time. At home the main grocery store we use is about 3 miles away, and some places we visit are within walking distance. Today for instance I’m putting off a trip into town for the store, but at home I’d jump in the car, go and be back in 30 minutes or less. It’s also hard to go from being at a shop all day, just entertaining yourself, to having a life and commitments and chores.

That’s about all I can think off for now. I guess I can’t put off a trip into town any more. I’d love to hear how your life is going! Any good thrift store finds for you recently? Any kitten discoveries?


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