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Weekly Workbasket

Weekly Workbasket- June 18

Hello! My last Weekly Workbasket was late, and probably made it clear that I was a bit frazzled. My plans for June both completely changed and really snuck up on me, so I went from feeling planned, prepped, and in control, to feeling over whelmed, unplanned, and lost. I’m feeling a lot better this week.


I’m heading to the country again! Usually we go once or twice a year, but this is already my third trip this year! We used to go and stay for two weeks, and then we’d come home so behind, out of sorts, and discombobulated, that going more often seemed insane. This year we’re making more frequent trips, but only staying a week at a time, and it’s working out great! I usually have less of a stash of items waiting to go to the family members there. Packing is easier because we can leave some things and know they won’t be outgrown, or expired, before we return. So I already have a few gluten free food items there, my kid has slippers/sandals there, we have toothbrushes. The only problem is that the trips really sneak up on you more now. Depending on when you read this I may be prepping for the trip, driving the trip, or already there.

One thing that I’ve been “working on” is my living room. I use quotes because I say I’m working, and I am, but not much is actually getting done. It’s mostly daily upkeep and not hardcore decluttering. I have a whole stack of stuff in the corner to go to various family members, so this trip I’m loading them all in the car. When I get home the little bit left just has to be figured out and then my corner is clean! Best part is that corner is where I want to put a desk, so that’ll help a lot of other places too. I’m in control of way to many groups, projects, papers, and materials to not have a nice place to store them and work. I’ve got my eye on a nice secretary desk, plenty of space and storage, cubbies and drawers to help sort stuff. So after we get home that corner will get figured out and I’ll start desk shopping. Hoping to snag a good deal on Craigslist.

So far plan Kitten Acquisition is a go! Talking about my old man made me want new kitty stuff. I kept the old cat bed, for when we do get a new cat, but then I didn’t want some unknown kitten to sleep in my old man’s bed. I made up a cat bed in crochet, and will be posting a pattern later this month! I’m getting a bit nervous about the kitten though. I realized that we’ve never had a kitten in this house, this three story house, and I have no idea how to train it, or where to put it, or how to do this logistically. We have not been able to figure out a good kitten containment zone. Our bathrooms are both small, otherwise they’d be perfect. We may have to suck it up for awhile and just go with it, for lack of better options. We’re going to get back from the country, and then the very next day go buy supplies and pick up our kitten.


I have been super productive lately! I’m already working on projects from the August issue! So I’ll keep working on those. My son has given up on the idea of crochet, so I’ll start making those Star Wars figures for him.The hardest part of the country visits in projects. Usually if I take something specific to work on I end up not touching it once, but if I take nothing I end up doing nothing. It’s possible I’ll acquire a new kit or project while I’m there, and I also enjoy the down time, so I’ll just be taking a few basic projects in case I want them. Last time I took my entire workbasket and didn’t touch it, the entire thing, not once. I think it stayed in the car!

I also got a surprise package from Leslie! She sent me the original spindly Snack Hound! Thanks so much Leslie! I’ll have that waiting for me when I get back. I can do that and the Bun Bunk and then have a party! Or at least some cheese on toothpicks while my son and I are still in pajamas. The whole set up is perfect for my appetizer goal! Make up some salad on a stick and serve it on the Snack Hound. Good to go.

So there you have it! Other then prepping to travel and driving to the country I don’t really know what my week will hold. Anything could happen!


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