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Every week I discuss what I'm working on how it's going and what I'm up to. --My Workbasket
Weekly Workbasket

Weekly Workbasket- June 12

I admit it, my weekly workbasket post is late. I usually type it up on Sunday, while reviewing my week and creating a to-do list, but that didn’t work out this week. First I was using my computer to list some various items for sale (homeschool books) and my computer died. No blog post with a dead computer. Then my son went swimming with friends while my computer charged and I spent lots of time crocheting, knitting, and spending time with my husband. Then Bip-Bam-Boom it was bedtime and the post never got done. So here I am, posting it on a Monday.

I had a fairly productive week last week, made a bucket full of water bombs, started or completed several projects, made a complete change of plans for an upcoming events, and so on. Even though very little work got done, once again, on my living room, or my house in general for that matter, I do feel fairly good about my week. I DID list the books for sale, so at least that to-do is to-done. Now just cross my fingers that something sells. Our family is going to start selling items to clear out the house and save the money for either a vacation or 3d printer, the choices are still be discussed. To be fair we have a lot of stuff, there is a strong possibility of both. Most of what I’ve worked on is for the future, so there isn’t a lot of photos I can show right now. This is going to be a very low photo post.

This week:

Oh Boy, it’s going to be quite a week. My husband took time off, and we’ll be doing some stay-cation stuff. Hopefully some swimming in the bay, a day trip to Luray Caverns. PLUS all the standard cooking, cleaning, eating, crafting, etc. PLUS the upcoming visit where my son was going to go to my parents for two weeks, and I was going to work like crazy in my craft room, has been changed. Now instead of him going for two weeks, we are both going for one week, and he is not staying alone at all. SO I have to figure out how to get the craft room actually worked on, AND how to manage my blog while I am gone for a week. So the rest of this month will be a bit crazy for me. Before I go I’m hoping to get my Sun Bonnet done, while I still have my own sewing machine to sew it with. And as if that isn’t all enough, the end of June is soon upon us, and I still need a new planner for my journal. I ordered one and it turns out the size is not right. So I am back to square one. Will probably sew some of my own while I have the machine out for my sun bonnet.


A few weeks ago I had a Scentsy party, it went well, and my package of goodies should arrive today! Super exciting. Adds to the to-do list a bit because I have to get all the orders to their owners, most of them before I leave. My house is going to smell SO good though, and I get the cutest typewriter shaped warmer.

Last week I mentioned that I took advantage of my own coupon code and ordered from Denise. There service is amazing! I ordered on the weekend and got the package on Wednesday. Don’t forget the coupon code is 15% off and ends on June 21st! Great time to order new components or a new set. I ordered a few replacements pieces for things I have lost (probably in that craft room of mine) and also some extra parts. I’m going to try double ended crochet one day soon. So any tips or project recommendations?

We’re getting a kitten! It’s a girl, and we’ll be picking her up when we get back from the country! I’m so excited. We had two old men, and they both died last year. I was devastated, seriously. It was awful. It took me months to feel like I even wanted another cat. We had our one old man before we even got married. He showed up in our life as an abandoned kitten and stayed with us for an uncountable number of years. He was like out first child. Then when he was young we did the natural thing and got him a brother. So it’s been years since we had kittens. My son has never had a kitten in his life. So we’re excited. I need to make up some cat toys and get ready to spoil her rotten. HER! It’s amazing. All of our pets have always been boys, except one recent short-lived goldfish. Never planned that way, just happened. This will be the first female pet I’ve had since I was a teenager! We haven’t met her yet, but this is the photo her current owner took for us. I’m completely geeking out to the fact that she looks so much like Alton Brown’s new kitten Shrimp Toast. This picture is a bit old, so she’s probably plumped up a bit as she’s gotten closer to adoption age. If you’re a local there are more from her litter that need homes, and if you happen to be in Atlanta, last I heard some of Alton’s litter do too.

So, that’s what I’ve got. Plan, cook, craft, clean, repeat. What does your workbasket look like this week?


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