Weekly Workbasket- July 9

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That time already? WOW! These weekly workbasket posts really make me see how much time gets away from me, or just how fast it passes in general. It seems like I just typed my first one but here it is several posts later.

Last Week:

So last week I started a new organization/cleaning method. It’s based on The Slob Sisters, and their Side-Tracked Home Executive system. I haven’t read the official book, but learned some about the system online and just jumped in to creating a basic set up. My son and I both are very ADHD and are not good at cleaning. We get overwhelmed, we lose track of time, we ignore the fact that we’ve stepped over the same pair of shoes 50 times today. We’re a mess. My husband is NOT like that, and yes, it is a touchy subject in out house. I’ve been setting up chore and activity cards for us, and filling a box with them. Right now I’m focusing on daily routine, so instead of scheduling out the cards in advance we sit down at breakfast each day and sort them. That way they don’t just get set aside and forgotten. Since this photo earlier this week I have made a few changes. We ran out of the bright colored cards, so when I bought new I bought more traditional, pale colored ones. The bright green is my son’s cards, and that didn’t change, but mine and the regular chores are more gentle on the eyes. He picked the bright green and it will hopefully help him NOT leave cards all over the house because he lost track of them. Instead of several cards for each individual chore I’ve now set myself up one daily chores card, with a list of daily activities (get dressed, laundry, dishwasher.) If you’re not familiar with the system, each color symbolizes a frequency and has a job written on it. There are daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly cards. EVERY job your house needs gets assigned a card, and then you schedule them into your life. As I learn more and get my system set up I’ll do a post about it for those of you who want more details.

Part of this new routine is to have my son do more chores, and cook more regularly. He does chores, and he cooks, but I want a more predictable routine to it. This week he made a breakfast buffet. It was GOOD! He did eggs, sausage, and I helped him learn to make polenta. He ate his separate, but I made a breakfast bowl with mine. (Side note- auto correct doesn’t know polenta, it thinks I’m trying to say tadpole!)

Also this week we went into DC to the National Gallery of Art. They had an exhibit on the birth of impressionism that I really wanted to see, and it ended this weekend, so we rushed in to see it before it left. Unfortunately my phone battery was super low and I didn’t get to really take any photos of actual artworks. I was surprised a bit to discover though that I’m not a huge fan of impressionism any more. It used to be my very favorite, and I still find it nice to look at, but I was really overwhelmed by the Dutch Masters. Their white is SO white, and the texture, wow! I also made sure my son got to see painting by his two favorites, Van Gogh and Da Vinci. I was surprised to find that the Da Vinci in the National Gallery is the ONLY painting of his on exhibit in the Americas!

We also went to a family style music and food festival. So MUCH walking last week with all of that!

Craft wise last week, I was a blend of productive and not. I had a super productive day on Wednesday, and managed to jam up my shoulder doing it! I really need to work with my ergonomics of where and how to sit when doing a massive amount of work for the site. I have started a project for August, I finished the initial prototype of my double ended crochet pattern, and finished a few other things. You can see it here. It works, but I’m going to fine-tune it a bit and I’m also attempting a more solid colored one.  I had a chiropractor appointment already scheduled for Thursday (luck!!) and he fixed me up, but I was still sore for several days. So I had one super productive day and nothing, while I was busy and recovering.

The shoulder issue did bring to my attention that I HAVE to start featuring more than just needlework stuff here. Otherwise I don’t want to think of how my shoulder will be in a few years, plus that wasn’t my original intention anyway. So I have some neat ideas for the future, and you’ll be seeing more of a variety of crafts from now on.

Also, here’s some kitten pictures, because I want to share them, and most people love to see them! If you haven’t seen it already I shared the story of how we got him, AND a FREE crochet pattern here. You can also save it on Ravelry, here!

He’s a funny sleeper isn’t he!?!

This Week:

I’ll be continuing that August project, and fine tuning that crochet pattern. I also have an idea for a knitting pattern I want to design! I’ve been seeing a hexagon based hoodie all over the place and I intend to try my Spoke Motif pattern and try to make one! We’ll keep puttering away at our index card system. I don’t really have any super specific plans, but posts will be popping up here of July projects and Christmas in July events!

As always I’d love to hear about what is going on with you too! What is in your workbasket?



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