Weekly Workbasket- July 30

Some items that I talk about in my Weekly Workbasket this week at My Workbasket

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I can’t believe it is almost August! I’ve turned 34, my sweet niece is about to turn 10, and school supplies are in the stores. Craziness! I also have so many projects that I never got to talk about in July! So many! Most of them were for Christmas in July, so now I’ll probably save them for actual Christmas and talk about them then. Let’s talk about my Weekly Workbasket though. 

Last Week:

I predicted that my son’s camp would ruin our schedule, and it did! It was only a 2 hour morning camp, AND we skipped a day, but it really threw us off. I think people who manage to get their kids to school regularly are amazing! It was hard! Waking up to an alarm, eating a breakfast that you new would get you through, getting someplace on time in the morning, it’s hard! Since my son and I are not morning people I usually try to schedule our days to not be like that. The camp was just far enough away that I couldn’t really return home, and since the weather was nice I just stayed and watched some instead of wandering stores or something. Usually while I sat I worked which was better then going somewhere just for the sake of it and then just wandering around.

It also really threw off my productivity, with crafting and the housekeeping. I usually hit an afternoon slump around 1-2 and that’s when I sit and crochet and plan future projects and low energy things like that. At camp though I did that stuff while I was there, so by the time my slump hit that stuff was done. I did start a list of ideas for things to do in the future during that slump time if I’ve done my usual slump work.

My new Instant Pot! -MyWorkbasketAlso last week, I got an Instant Pot! I’ve been really putting off getting one or asking for one, because I am a really old fashioned, low tech kind of cook, but I finally caved due to just simply wanting more space. I’m hoping it can replace several of my other items and give me more pantry shelf space. We’ve been trying to use a recipe every day just to get used to it. So far I’ve made tea (silly isn’t it,) rice pudding, country ribs (mostly my husband did those) and tonight my husband is cooking neck bones. For those who are curious, I have no idea if I like neck bones, I think I bought them on sale to make broth and my husband wanted to cook them so I let him.

I didn’t do well with our chore card system last week, but I did work on my daily drawing plan, and I drew most days last week. I just keep adding new doodles to a page every day until it’s full. Here’s one of them. They’re not all winners, but practice makes perfect. I’d like to be a better artist but I also want to be able to produce better work more regularly. Right now I produce some stuff I really like and quite a lot that I just throw out. I’d like more results that I’m proud of. I also started working on some rug hooked ornaments. I’m hoping to use different yarns and fabrics, and make them into little mug rugs, hanging ornaments, etc. I fit six on this piece of fabric, but should be able to fit one or two more even! I also ordered a die cut machine, and some dies!

Daily Doodles from My Workbasket

You may notice too that the website looks a bit different. I worked on that last week too. So it wasn’t all unproductive afternoon slump!

This Week:

I’ll keep plugging away at all of last weeks projects. PLUS, in one afternoon slump last week I did a lot of ebay browsing and found some really good vintage crafty stuff! I’ve got three fun vintage packages coming! So I’ll be talking about that later this week, showing off some packages when they come in. I’m having some trouble with my due cut machine, so I’ll be trying to figure that out. AND my husband got me some pan watercolors and drawing pencils! So I’m going to try that watercolor flowers Creative Bug class I have in my sidebar.

Camp is over, though my son will be begging to go to the local tennis court to practice regularly, so I’m hoping to get back to our chore cards this week. I still haven’t actually even finished setting up the system yet!

I also signed up for a bulk freezer cooking website, and hope to get some meals in the freezer this week. I don’t love the expense of doing a whole menu, so I’m hoping to buy what’s on sale and then work with that. My husband has several LONNNNNGGG days at work lately, and having something quick or something to throw in the Instant Pot (pressure cooked or slow cooked) would be helpful.

My focus this week is just going to be on working on our schedule and habits, getting that rhythm going that we’ve been struggling with and working on. Hopefully I get lots of creative, crafty stuff in the mix too!

And just for the sake of it, here is a picture of our hilarious, adorable, snuggly Kismet! Side story- that afghan was actually made by my Great-Grandmother for my Dad when he was little!

Before you go, if you haven’t already be sure to go enter my stocking stuffer giveaway! It really is a handy gadget, even if you’re not crafty!

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