Weekly Workbasket- July 23

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I have had the wildest week ya’ll! Oh boy, what a week. This Weekly Workbasket will be different, that’s for sure.

Last Week:

Last Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday my husband got overtime at work and was gone until after dinner, or even after bedtime! He leaves for work at about 5 am, so it really having him gone ALL day. Here’s something to know, my child, I love him, but my child does not shut up. He talks from the moment he wakes up to sometimes after he is asleep. Yes, I said after. This is a mixed blessing because he used to have a speech delay, and you would not believe how many prayers there have been for him TO talk, but my sanity. Oh boy. My sanity level on days like that.

Monday we went swimming at a new spot, and I got what is probably the worst sunburn of my life. I realized afterward that I didn’t really lotion my back, still getting use to needing too because I usually have very long hair that does the job. I also must have been more in the line of the sun that usual. My back was like an overcooked lobter, not even just a lobster. Here it is almost a week later and I can finally stand to have someone touch my back, and it’s turning brown and peeling. We were out swimming Monday for HOURS, and then one of my son’s friends came home with us. I didn’t get any crafty or fun stuff done that day.

Tuesday was for grocery shopping that I didn’t do Monday. We were out of so much stuff it was hilarious. Seriously, no milk, eggs, bread, half n half, chips, the list goes on and on. My son and I split a (gluten free) bagel smothered in cooked onions for breakfast, because it was all we could find. It was like “For breakfast would you rather eat salsa from the jar with a spoon? Or dry cereal?”

Wednesday, oh boy was I sick. I hurt so much I couldn’t even stand to move my fingers. All dehydration and such from the sunburn from Monday. All I did was watch a lot of tv and drink hydrating drinks. Nothing creative again. I couldn’t even type to search for creative videos or to type up blog posts I needed to do. I felt awful. Please, remember your sunscreen! I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Thursday, more shopping, gatorade chugging, and I was feeling better! While shopping I found a really good deal on a pop-up beach tent, with built in SPF, and yes, I bought it. I managed to do a little crafty stuff. I must have been temporarily insane by this point, because I bought an “activity tent” for our kitten, and not one but TWO giant, non-inflatable pool floats for my kid.

Friday, feeling good and we went swimming again! We got our chore cards done early and headed to the water. This time just for an hour, no new sunburn. Oh that water felt fantastic! Those pool floats were amazing! Funny story: It was just my son and I, which almost never happens, so I was really looking forward to taking some pictures of him, or the two of us. So we get out of the water and I go for my phone, it’s not in the bag. I must have left it in the car. So no pictures. Get back to the car, go for my phone to check for messages, and BAM the phone is in my bag that I had all along! I’m guessing photos were not intended that day. And some crafty stuff after that.

I started crocheting some bead necklaces. They work up fast! I just have to get into my craft room for toggles and such to finish them off. Also, my son and I started a family project that has been languishing in the basement! It’s a Family Dollhouse! It’s going to be part play house, part dream house, and part fantasy house all in one. The idea is to have something sturdy enough to actually play with, and to draw in friends and visitors to play and look around, but also to make all or almost all of the contents ourselves. I’m super excited to finally be moving forward with it! We have to repaint it, and replace lots of the floors and wallpapers. We’ve agreed to a beachy light blue outside with gray roof and trim.

Relaxing weekend and here we are. Friday was an “energy saver” day with our electric company, where you earn a refund off your next bill by using less electric. Recently my son and I have started treating it like a game, and seeing how much we can save. A week or two ago for the lst one we saved $9. This week we worked even hard to beat our record, (went swimming to cool us down, and be out of the house so we could crank up the AC) Saturday the numbers came out and we did $17!!! Our minds were all blown! We have even more ideas to try to add to our system for next time, and have a goal of $20.

Last week we did okay with our job cards on most days, but not as good as the week before. I’m hoping to be better about them this week, but I don’t think we will. I also really need to up my craft productivity this week. Here is is July is almost over and I have SO Many July projects that I did and haven’t shared yet!

This Week:
I’ve got to be more productive! So much to share, so much to do! I have a to-do list on my giant chalkboard, I have a different themed to-do list in my Bullet Journal, and a different theme in my head. I have SO much to share here. Here July is almost over and I’ve only shared such a small amount of my Christmas in July stuff! (Cut the Cheese- totally literal, I buy five pound blocks of cheese, and then slice it up myself at home. I also have a son, so he gets a kick out of the wording.)

I’m still loving this video website I signed up for, and I’ll be telling you about it. It has SO much to choose from that I can’t even pick a class to do more seriously. I just keep looking around and watching clips of all kinds of stuff. My son and I are going to start working through their drawing challenges, and try to draw every day. I’ll try to share some of our works here next week.

I finished the pattern that I was testing for someone! It was fantastic and super cute! I think my chatty son distracted me a time or too, because mine is different than the main pictures, but it is my favorite type of pattern where that really doesn’t matter. So I’ll be posting that this week, and linking to the pattern so you can all make your own if you’d like. The designer is just lovely too!

AND my son has tennis camp this week. Two hours every morning. He decided a few weeks ago that he really wanted to try tennis, and this camp happened to have a few spaces left. By the time we got paid and signed him up we managed to snag the very last spot. His class is in the morning, and is just far enough away that it isn’t worth coming home after I drop him off. So I’ll probably be doing lots of crafty stuff and computer stuff while he is swinging his racket and learning about tennis. BUT the downside is that we’ve been working so hard on building this morning routine, and now for a week we won’t be home until lunch. So much for morning routine. I’m fully expecting him to come home tired, and our days, week, and house, to practically fall apart. In a perfect world, we’ll come home from camp, have a quick lunch, quick rest, and then just do morning chores in the afternoon. Just sort of flip-flop the day. We all know that that this world is not perfect.

My husband has a few days off this week, but we’re not planning anything special. If my son isn’t to tired after camp then we may spend some more time swimming!

Finally, here is an updated photo of Kismet. Because who doesn’t love kittens? If you’re new here, you can read his story (and get a free crochet pattern!) here!

How has your week been? Any more dollmaking? What have you been working one? What are your goals for the week? And shout out to my bff who moved this weekend! Here’s to spending this week settling in at the new place!


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