Weekly Workbasket- July 2

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It’s that time again! When I typed my weekly workbasket last week I was 469.2 miles from where I am right now. For once I actually remembered to both set the trip odometer AND read it before driving anywhere else or around town. It has been quite a week.

Last Week:

Monday we had some great family time at my brother’s pool, and took the cat to the vet. Cat is pretty healthy! We got lucky with our discovery. He was put on some medication for his cold/sinus/upper respiratory issue. Tuesday we went to all the thrift stores one last time, packed up and loaded the car.

The cat was flea free and we traveled back home on Wednesday. First let me say that from discovery Friday night to bedtime Tuesday we were convinced we had gotten a very lazy cat. All he did was sleep, groom himself, and eat. I had to give my son pep talks that he will play as he gets older. Wednesday morning the medicine must have kicked in and he was a hyper little guy! Racing around the house, attacking everything he could find, so playful. Thankfully not a foot attacker to leg climber though. I wished he was still tired, just to avoid 8 hours in a car with a hyper cat. We have a long running history of poop related situations and stories that take place in North Carolina, and the cat created one this time. When we woke up, bright and early, I was hoping to hit the road by 7, but the cat ran straight to the food dish, then the water dish, then the food dish again, then played, then we blinked and he was back at the water. So we had to linger a bit. Finally I said we are leaving at 7:30, no matter what, and we did. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

Travel was otherwise uneventful. I was not as prepared as I should have been, and ended up not eating well. I’m getting better about packing “Trip Food” but this particular trip we were good to go on the way down, but I didn’t really pack enough to also get us back home. When we stopped for gas and lunch I was hoping to find a few gluten free things to add to balance out what I packed but couldn’t find much. It showed later when I had a killer headache and didn’t feel well when we got home. In addition to the headache my husband was stuck at work until late, AND we now had this tiny kitten (who is getting doses of meds up to 5 times a day) to introduce to our very large and protective dog. That entire night was chaos. Just chaos.

Last week was chaos. We had to keep the cat and dog separated and work on introducing and training them. I realized we had to go to the grocery store, things I thought my husband would get he didn’t, he just went without. Plus, we have to eat, and I didn’t think the current pickings would get us by. I also had to unpack, which is mostly done now. I didn’t get a chance to sit down and craft anything again until yesterday! My thrift store goodies are separated, but I need to wash some and take some pictures to show you my finds.

This Week:

Hopefully will be less chaotic than last week was! Here on the blog I will be debuting the July issue (should be up tomorrow,) I’ll also tell the Cat’s story and post a free pattern that is pet related. I’ll be working on a few more July crafts, and also some that will be for August. I’ll also be fine tuning that double ended crochet (aka crocheknit, or crochet on the double, or various other names) pattern I made and will be sharing that, possibly to subscribers only.

My husband will be working on the Fourth, but my son and I may do something with our friend.

I am just generally hoping for a week that gets back to normal a bit. Back to our routine, back to daily craft time. The kitten needs another vet visit but I should be done his medicine soon, so that will remove one chaotic element. The cat and the dog are now on supervised free roaming together. Which helps a TON! We were separating the cat in the bathroom, and the dog in his crate and alternating. When the dog was in his crate the cat was out, when the dog was out the cat was in the bathroom, and some time every day with me holding and training the dog to get him used to the cat. So far everything is good and they are both out and about while we are home. When we’re out the dog gets crated anyway. Which reminds me, it’s already 11 and I haven’t given the cat his morning meds!

Good luck with your week everyone! I wish you the best one!


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