Weekly Workbasket- July 16

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That time again already! The weekly workbasket!

Last Week:

Last week here on the blog I started the first of the Christmas in July posts with a scarf from the magazine, that YOU can enter to win. The giveaway is open to all subscribers, so if you are a subscriber you have a chance to win! If you are NOT a subscriber you have time! Just subscribe by Tuesday the 18.

Other than that I started crocheting a test pattern for someone, it’s super cute, and makes use of all the colorful cakes of yarn out on the market now. I can’t reveal much, but when the pattern designer posts the pattern publicly I’ll share my project and link to the pattern for you!

I also subscribed to a neat website that I hope to tell you more about later, after I play around with it more, where you take arts and crafts classes online! It’s super affordable and you get some high value content! I’ll probably post about it next week. I have been so excited I’ve been flitting around the website instead of really digging to deep into any one class.

The House-

I mentioned last week a card system that my son and I are using to try to build better habits and get our house and routine under control. So far it is working great! We did our cards every day, Monday through Wednesday. What happened to Thursday and Friday you may be wondering? Well, I have a bit of a curse. Every time I try to build a good habit something happens. I’ll be puttering along, doing great, and then I’ll suddenly get food poisoning, or almost break my kneecap. Wednesday night, the curse struck. In a story that I can only happen to me, I was attacked but a Rubbermaid tub of frozen solid baked beans. I was moving something to get to the tub of sherbet, and out of nowhere the beans attacked! They fell out of the fridge, and smacked into the top of my foot at full force. We weren’t sure until the next day if anything was broken or not, I couldn’t wiggle all of my toes, it immediately swelled up and bruised, which is not like me. Thursday I could tell nothing was broken, but I also couldn’t move it much either. We did no cards. But we did our best to maintain the house at least, and we are not giving up!

K-Tel Knitter-

Last week I took some time to bring out a little gadget I love to play with, the K-Tel Knitter, a “one handed knitting” tool. I made a pair of booties and a hat. I find the tool to be harder than crochet or knitting, but I do like to use it. The hardest part is getting the hang of the tension. It’s tricky. It was funny, I have played around with it plenty of times, and made a few basic pot holders and such, but could never figure out the specialty stitches. For some reason when I sat down last week it just clicked and I was able to do every stitch I wanted. I’m planning to do a video at some point of how to use the knitter. I know when I got mine there was zero visual instructions online, and it really is easier than the original directions make it look. Have any of you ever had one? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Next Week-

My plan for next week is pretty basic. Work on that test pattern more, post another Christmas item with another giveaway, pick a class to pay more attention to on that website, keep up my card system, and probably go swimming. Easy enough right?

I do homeschool, which I’ve mentioned a few times, but right now we are Not-Schooling. If you are a homeschooler, don’t freak out that you’ve never heard the term, I made it up. Essentially we are NOT doing school, in fact we are pretending it doesn’t exist, but we are focusing on rhythm, routine, and the joy of learning. It’s essentially like De-Schooling, but for a kid that has never been to school. So we don’t have a lot going on with school right now. I do however run a homeschool group, and I’ve been slacking off way to much with the calendar and group events, so I’ll be working on that more.

I’ve really been wanting to sew, but haven’t, so I do hope to come up with a few projects and sit down at my machine this week!

Also, my friend is buying a house and moving, and I hope to have no baked bean encounters and be of some use to her.

Egg Cozy-

I can’t believe I almost forgot! Someone commented on the Failed Egg Cozy, that they would love to see the cozy in comparison to an egg. I got that done and have some pictures! Here is a “large” egg, though to me it seemed very small, next to a cozy, and also with one attempting to be put on.  The weird thing is that it really does LOOK like it should fit. When it is on the egg it looks like it should go farther, but it does not, that is the farthest it will go on the egg. I suspect if it was worked top down it would fit better. The starting edge just doesn’t have enough give to it. I wonder now, as I write this, if you were to double the chain and then SC in every other one, just to create a little give room….

What is in YOUR workbasket this week? Anything special going on? What are you making?


  1. I just finished a doll and wardrobe from a 1930s mail order pattern. She has a coat, hat, dressy dress, pajamas, daytime dress with apron, undies, beret, and a sweater. Sounds like you’ve been busy!

    1. Author

      Sounds lovely! I have a sweet spot in my heart for dolls, and love to make them too! I’d love to see pictures!

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