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Some pages from my sketchbook for the week. Trying to be creative every day! -- My Workbasket
Chatter Craft Chatter Weekly Workbasket

Weekly Workbasket- August 6

It’s that time again! Let’s talk about life!


I don’t usually say to much about parenting, because honestly this blog is to give me something else to think about, talk about, and focus on, BUT this week. I swear my child has not shut up for at least 7 days straight. I locked myself in the bathroom and he just stood on the other side of the door talking to me the entire time I was in there. He has some various special needs that cause this sort of thing. Just, oh man, there is not enough coffee for this. It’s affected my productivity some too, because I am just so worn out by the afternoon that I’ve been doing more “braindead” work then usual, things like flipping through magazines.

Last Week-

So this happened:

When GF Flour is on clearance you stock up! --My Workbasket

When we went shopping last week I saw this flour with a sign saying 91 cents a bag. Even regular flour at 91 cents a bag is a good deal, BUT this is no regular flour! I usually pay about $8 a bag to get this for Christmas cookies every year.  I actually called over an employee to make sure I wasn’t being pranked. Turns out it is closeout, when it’s gone it’s gone, so doing the obvious thing I bought 14 bags. The employee says “You know it’s 91 cents a BAG right? Not a tray?” I laughed and assured her I understood.  I’ve gotten pretty good at making an easy flour blend these last few years, but no blend can beat that price. I kind of wish I bought more, but 70 pounds should last me awhile.  I shared this on facebook and sent other friends scurrying to get theirs while it was still around. I’m super excited because it will be SO much cheaper to make bread now! I even have the bread machine going as I type.

Some pages from my sketchbook for the week. Trying to be creative every day! -- My Workbasket

Despite the non-stop chatter I did manage to steal a few crafty moments. I’ve been doing some drawing and creative challenges over on Creative Bug. I try to sit down for a few minutes with my sketchbook, laptop, and some art supplies, and work on a few things while dinner cooks. There is a class this month that I am LOVING, about basic ways to just live a more creative life. Here’s some recent sketchbook work. Lots of blind contour drawings because it was one of the class chapters and I’m also just really having fun with them. Some playing with watercolors. The circles are going to be filled in with doodles and designs. Sometimes I just fill pages with shapes and colors and then draw different things over them later.  Sometimes my son pulls out his sketchbook and joins the fun. This week he was super into geometry, and carried around a compass to draw circles and arcs. One day, I got stabbed with that compass. No joke. Parenting, not enough coffee. Not enough coffee.

I did some crochet last week, but I can’t reveal it quite yet. Working on a project to share later this month.

Paper Flowers, made with the Spellbinders Prizm. --My Workbasket

I also got a diecut machine and have been spending some time figuring it out, and making some paper flowers. I’m hoping to do a video of some tricks and tips I learned for the process. I really struggled with getting my shapes to cut properly, even wrote the company twice thinking something was wrong with my machine. I’ve found some work arounds though, and now have it all figured out, I think. Here’s what I’ve done so far, and now that I have some tricks up my sleeve it will be MUCH faster to make more.  I also hope to dig out my chalks and be able to add more details and shading.

I got vintage goodies!!! One five pound box of sewing and craft goodies. Mostly sewing related but a few things like latch hooks, an Irma Looper (like the K-Tel I’ve talked about before) and some other bits. Some AMAZING needles books, including one dated from the 50s. Lots and lots of goodies in there. The items date from the 40s to modern. I hope to do a post with more details of the fun stuff included, maybe even a video to show it off.

Some of the stash from a recent box lot I bought. Amazing sewing and crafty finds! - My Workbasket

I also got a stack of vintage Pack-o-Fun magazines! I got these (in modern ones) when I was a “tween” and used them so much. I remember TONS of craft foam and kiddy projects that I led with various church groups coming from this magazine. I’ve been wanting to add more kids crafts, and non-yarn crafts, here at the Workbasket and thought these may help. I was excited but when I opened them up I was just truly stunned! These issues are SO much more amazing then the ones I got as a kid. I thought of it as a kids craft magazine but these older editions are so much more than that. Some of the projects are kiddy and there is a kid section is every issue, but there is also building, skits, and some serious crafts. I know kids today are different but I cannot picture a kid making some of these items. Like a detailed owl plaque made from pie pans.  Flipping through them was the brain dead work I did over the course of the week. I got 28 issues and have flipped through all but about 5.

Vintage Pack-o-Fun Magazines! Good things to come and new projects ideas! --My Workbasket

Also, we did quite a bit better with our chore cards. Well, we DID do chores, however I don’t think I actually used the cards a single day. We did great with the habit though of our daily items, even without using the cards. I need to get better about the actual scheduling of the cards. I DID get some freezer meals done. Woohoo for that! I just did some easy assembly chicken dinners and have them all ready to go into the crock pot or instant pot when I need them.

This Week-

I suspect you know some of what is coming this week! I’ll be working on projects from the August issue, working on my daily creativity, and picking some Pack-o-Fun projects to do. I’m sure I’ll be bread making. I have more paper flowers to do, and to master my machine. I want to share that sewing goody box with you! We had some plans for Monday but they are getting rained out. We’ll be picking up some school work again, but I’m not sure if that will start this week or not. We’re still going to relax and Not-School, but maybe a day a week we’ll be working on some unit studies.

Kismet the kitten is “savage” my son says (because he does want he wants with no regard to the rules) so there will be a LOT of “No Kismet!” “Get DOWN!” “Get off the frickin table cat!” and plenty of “Leave the plants alone!!!!” Little punk is lucky he’s cute.

Kismet the Cat has discovered the plants on the windowsill. --My Workbasket

I’d love to hear what you’re working on and what you have coming up! Let’s chat in the comments below!





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