The pond from Willow Oak Herb Farm! A simply magical place in Maryland that is well worth the trip. -- My Workbasket
Weekly Workbasket

Weekly Workbasket- August 20

I am much recovered from my mild freak out that I talked about last week, but I have decided on a few things for my life moving forward. Nothing that effects the website here, but just in general about how I’ll be approaching things.

I just need to repeat the mantra often that “I can’t do it all” but I am trying to leverage my time to do the things I care about most.

I probably will not be talking about next week often in my weekly workbaskets anymore. I am trying to do things more as they come and less planning it all out. I never fulfill all my plans anyway and it just gets me so down! Thinking of all the items I wanted to do and didn’t.

So let me just talk to you about last week, because I had an amazing week. Life is never perfect as we all know, and I had my struggles, but it was amazing none-the-less.

My son recently got VERY into cars, and at 10 years old he translates that interest mostly to Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and RC. We have already gotten rid of most of his toy cars because he hasn’t cared about them for years. So I started trolling freecycle and craigslist in the hope of finding him some at little

Never know what you'll get on freecycle!-- My Workbasket

expense to me. On freecycle I didn’t find cars, BUT I did find a listing for a bag of “wool yarns” with a few brands listed, and I got to be the lucky taker! Picked it up on Tuesday! (We did find a lot of toy cars for my son on Craigslist, and picked it up on Thursday, it even had a Tootsie Toy, which he placed in our glass curio cabinet.)


Amazing! Isn’t it?!?!? That is some beautiful yarn to get for free! Several brand new skeins in amazing colors and brands, and a few used skeins. One project in progress that I pulled out. Probably could have easily completed it (a hat) but knew I probably never would. Also a few remnants of some Red Heart.


I’m working on designing a knitting pattern, which I’ll release in October. So I’ve worked on that quite a bit this week, here’s a sneak peek. It’s much closer to finished now then it was in this picture. The yarn is VERY hard to photograph! I’ll have to pull out some tricks to get good photos of the finished item. I’ll be knitting up a few others of the same pattern too, to really show some variety with it.

A sneak peek of a knitting pattern I'm designing. -- My Workbasket

I’ve also spent some time lately wrestling my bread machine and playing around trying to create the perfect gluten free loaf. I’ve had about 6 failed attempts so far. It’s a good thing I got that super amazing deal on flour!  I must have been thinking about it quite a bit because last night I had a dream of a recipe, which I am trying now with amazing success! If my recipe proves successful I’ll share it with you of course!

Yesterday while my husband and son went impromptu bike shopping (my son’s bike broke, and they just don’t make them to be repaired anymore!) I went out with a friend to a place I’ve had on my list for quite a while. Several people have suggested the place to me and I just have never been. It’s called Willow Oak Herb Farm, and is really not a far drive from me at all.  This place was seriously AMAZING. I cannot say it enough. It seriously is like traveling through fairyland. There have a variety of gardens, and the whole place is just mind blowing. It’s isn’t a manicured, pristine uppity kind of place. It is a beautiful, secret garden, have an adventure and pull out your sketchbook kind of place. They have animals that just randomly cross your path, and it’s simply magic. You’ll turn a corner, see a rose trellis simply covering a table or bench and with a white peacock crossing the path! There was a big fluffy dog, a simply gigantic gorgeous cat, several peacocks (white and traditional,) guineas, ducks, geese, chickens, and we were told they were goats but we did not see them. They don’t wander the way the others do, for obvious reasons. They have a building that looks swiped from a fairy tale, which houses their gift shop, dried herbs, and florist. The place smells simply divine and has all sorts of bundles of herbs hanging from the rafters. I took a TON of photos, but here is a just a few for you.

The pond from Willow Oak Herb Farm! A simply magical place in Maryland that is well worth the trip. -- My Workbasket

The main shop at Willow Oak Herb Farm in Maryland. The entire place is simply magical! -- My Workbasket

One of the many paths at Willow Oak Herb Farm in Maryland. A place well worth a visit!-- My Workbasket

My friend and I spent many hours there simply exploring. There is so much to see that we still missed quite a few things. I told my husband we have to go so that he can see what I want in life. This place is exactly like what I want to do when he retires.

Other than that I did a few other creative and crafty things. I’m trying to start a daily journal. We’ll see how that goes, habits are not my strong suit. BUT I have been doing well with my chore cards. I did my daily jobs every day last week! Super proud of that. I hope to talk more about my chore cards and how that system works one day soon.

I also edited some of the recipes I’ve shared in the past so that the page now has a printable recipe card for you! I am still working to make sure every recipe gets that lovely feature.

I’d love to hear what is going on in your life and what you’ve been working on!

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