An assorted stack of bowl woven on the Wild Hare Loom-- From My Workbasket
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Weaving Fun Bowls with Yarn & Fiber

When I went to the Homespun Yarn Party one of my purchases was the round weaving loom set from Wild Hare Fiber. You guys, I am LOVING these looms! So much so in fact that I am planning to buy the new jumbo size at the Sheep and Wool Festival. (Which I’ll be going to in four days.) There are of course ways to make your own loom, but if you have the money save your time, support an artist, and buy the looms at one of their shows OR at their Etsy Shop. You can find the looms HERE on Etsy.  (Affiliate Link, I will make a small commission if you make a purchase.) Now, you can weave a beret, make hats, or any other amazing variety of round things with these looms, BUT what I have been doing is just weaving bowls with yarn! They are so festive and fun! The blue one was even my Son’s Easter Basket!

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Fun woven bowl using the Wild Hare Loom-- From My Workbasket

The Looms come two in a pack, one small and one large. The Jumbo was just released and is sold separately here.   You can make a complete beret with this amazing loom. I intend to try it out once I have worked more in my craft room and my yarn stash is fully revealed. So much of my yarn is currently boxed for sorting.  You can get the loom in wood or plastic. I opted for plastic because I was afraid of breaking the wood.

Assorted Woven Bowls from My Workbasket

These looms are very easy to use and REALLY fun to play with! Even if you don’t consider yourself crafty you can make these!

Large colorful bowl woven on the Wild Hare round loom-- From My Workbasket

Small bowl woven on the Wild Hare Loom-- from My Workbasket

If you want to make a flat item weave loosely. If you want to make a bowl weave snuggly. The more yarn you work in and the tighter it is the denser your bowl will be. My Blue bowl is much denser and stands much sturdier.  The blue bowl is more bowl-shaped, and also the sides stand up more. I like making them all unique.

You can use your bowls to hold yarn, chocolate, craft supplies, cat toys, seashells, and so much more. Just don’t use them to mix cake batter. LOL

A woven bowl in progress on the Wild Hare Loom-- From My Workbasket

You could easily crochet, knit, or even sew on a handle for a basket. You can also pick up stitches and crochet or knit to turn it into a hat. You can of course also make flat items, like pillows, doilies, sweater backs, and more, but NOT weaving very tightly and compacting it a lot.

I especially like these because the more varied the yarns are the better the finished product. SO if you’re like me and buy things on a whim because you can’t resist the color or texture then you will have an amazing assortment and make some amazing things! Small samples of handspun are great for variety too!

Wild Hare Fiber has wonderful samples on the product listings, and also even has a shrug pattern that starts with a woven circle. You can find all of their products at their Etsy Store here, and more about them in general on their website at 

If you make any woven bowls (or other items) I’d love to see them and hear about it!!! Is anyone else going to MD Sheep and Wool??

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