It’s that time again! The next tutorial video! It’s the Tunisian Crochet Honeycomb stitch. I had some issues with uploading so I wasn’t able to share this before I went out of town, so I’m sorry it’s late. Next week’s video will also be late because something is wrong with it. No idea what but I can’t seem to share it or upload it. I may have to even rerecord the whole thing after I get back home.

With step by step video tutorial for this great stitch! My Workbasket

This stitch is beautifully textured and surprisingly easy.

The rest of the CAL can be found here.  I can’t believe that our CAL is coming to an end! Anyone have a preference for a new project to work on together? If not I have a few ideas.

My blocks are white which is VERY hard to show stitches, so I use a blue yarn in the video and I think that helps.

A completed square of the Tunisian Crochet Honeycomb stitch with step by step video tutorial. -- My Workbasket

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