Tunisian Throw CAL! Lion Brand Tunisian Throw Crochet-A-Long

The colors I'll be using on my throw for the crochet along. -- My Workbasket

Anyone interested in a crochet along? I found this blanket pattern recently while searching for more tunisian projects and fell in love with it. I kept trying to push it out of my head but just couldn’t, then a yarn that featured colors I liked went on sale, and now here we are! I like that you learn several new stitch patterns as you go, and get to expand your skills and knowledge while completing a wonderful project!

The Lion Brand Tunisian Throw I'll be using for a CAL-- My Workbasket
(Not my Original Photo- This belongs to Lion Brand Yarns)

The pattern is FREE, and can be found on Ravelry at the link above, or directly from the Lion Brand site here. To do it as listed you’ll need 9 colors of yarn. I picked these:

The colors I'll be using on my throw for the crochet along. -- My Workbasket

“But that’s ten!” Yes you smart person you! I originally bought the bright green, because it’s hard to find 9 colors, then my son picked the blue in the upper left corner for a blanket for the cat (the things I agree too) and then when unbagging and sorting colors I liked the blue better. I’m hoping to get away with making a green cat blanket and stealing the blue for my blanket. I’ll be using the AC Moore brand Nicole Studio Classic yarn. Any worsted weight yarn will work. The original pattern uses Vanna’s Choice.

If you don’t have any of the special afghan hooks I really recommend the Denise hooks and needles. The set is VERY cost effective for what you get,  customer service is great, and the shipping is very fast, so you won’t have to wait around waiting to join in this CAL! You can read my previous review of them, follow this link, or check out the link on my right sidebar.

Detailed Tutorials!

I’ll be posting a detailed video tutorial every Tuesday of how to do each block! I’ll update this list each time a new video is posted.

Block A Tutorial- Simple Stitch

Block B Tutorial- Crossed Stitch

Block C Tutorial- Knit Stitch

Block D Tutorial- Bias Stitch

Block E Tutorial- Purl Stitch

Block F- Rib Stitch

Block G- Lace Stitch

Block H- Honeycomb Stitch

Block I- Popcorn Stitch


I’d LOVE to have you follow and crochet along with me! To make the blanket you make four of the same square in the same color. So I’ll be picking my first color and starting with square A this week. I’ll update my progress weekly on Tuesday, and you can share your progress in the comments! If you contact me and email me pictures I’ll include them in my post!

3 thoughts on “Tunisian Throw CAL! Lion Brand Tunisian Throw Crochet-A-Long

  1. I can’t believe you are working on this! I found this pattern too online before I saw your tutorial on the bobble or popcorn stitch. I then heard you say you were doing a crochet along similar to what I’m doing. Well it’s exactly the one I’m trying to do but I’m confused, so I’m thrilled I can now ask my questions. Here they are: First, why is each style of blocks a, b, c etc. A different row and height count? Won’t it look weird when you put it together if they are different heights and lengths? Second was how to join but I heard you say you will figure it out and show us. Please can you give me an answer because I want to continue. Do I follow their instructions or do each 36 blocks the same rows and heights?

    Kelly Ezeh @libalipour@gmail.com

    Anxiously waiting your answer

  2. Continuation of last comment: also I bought Denise kit and my smallest hook is 6.5 and I really want to use my new set I stead of my metal hook which is 6.0. Will it make a difference if I use 6.5 instead of 6.0 when following the pattern because it does call for 6.0. I’m going to purchase the smaller Denise kit later but want to use a 6.5 hook. What do you think? Ive done two blocks with 6.5 one using simple stitch and one with knit and the simple stitch one is bigger in width. I’m so confused.

    Kelly Ezeh

    1. Usually I wouldn’t switch hooks in a project, I’d make them all with the same. However, if you do gauge swatches and find them to work well then you can. Honestly, this blanket was a bit of a pain to assemble and yes the different stitch counts make it very annoying. I did mine with a sc in one square, ch 1, sc in the opposite square to assemble, and just skipped or doubled up stitches as needed to make it join up well. The finished blanket is not my favorite. Because of the different squares though switching hooks on this project may work in your favor. I would be sure to do all the same squares in the same hook though. (So all popcorn with one, all simple with one, etc) Hope this helps some!

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