Tunisian CAL Block A- Tunisian Simple Stitch

Square A for the Tunisian Throw Crochet Along-- My Workbasket

I promised I wouldn’t leave you hanging on the CAL! I made this video to introduce how to make block A for the Crochet Along, using the Tunisian Simple Stitch. Next Tuesday there will be a new video for the stitch used in Block B, the Tunisian Crossed Stitch.

This entire project is very beginner friendly and the blocks work up pretty quickly. We’re only just starting but it’s never to late to join! This is what Block A will look like. I randomly grabbed one of my colors and ended up with the Bright Blue colorway of my yarn.

Square A for the Tunisian Throw Crochet Along-- My Workbasket

As you can see Tunisian crochet does curl a bit. This should be worked out when all the pieces are sewn together.

A few notes:

My son came in at one point and we paused recording, so there is a slight skip between two rows.

I accidentally call it a “crochet needle” several times at the beginning. It may sound like a huge flub, BUT I have seen Tunisian Crochet hooks listed and sold as crochet needles. So that is why I was confused. It isn’t technically right, but it isn’t technically wrong either.

If you have ANY questions about the CAL, or the stitch please ask! I really want to help you along as much as you need.

If you haven’t already be sure to follow me here and over on Youtube! Then you’ll get updates when each new stitch is posted (and other good updates too!)

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