Troll Cake Hat- and Recipe for Troll Cake

A fun, make up as you go hat formula for using a single cupcake yarn. Free from My Workbasket

I’ve mentioned that I’m a troll cook, but I also tend to be a troll crafter. The Troll Attitude tends to be “it is what it is.” A recipe makes the amount it is meant to make.  A cut shape comes out the measurement it comes out, and in this case, a hat comes out as pointy as it need be.

A fun and free pattern from My Workbasket, and with a fun cake recipe too!

The Backstory:

At the end of December I was planning to do a yarn fast for 2018. I was hoping to buy some blanket quantity yarns and also stock up on a few basics and then work my stash for the rest of 2018. I knew by December 29th that that wasn’t going to happen, and I went to the store to buy more yarn.  I ended up at Michaels and they were having a massive sale. I tried to buy things that I’ve never tried before, and two of those items were the popular Yarn Cupcakes. Had I been smart I might have taken better pictures of my cupcakes before I made projects with them. Sometimes I’m not that type of smart.

Cupcakes come in cake form and include a matching pompom on top. Super cute, and they were on sale for just $2.50 a piece! I’m somewhat surprised I only bought two. After working with them I must say each one did have an annoying splice knot, but I absolutely intend to purchase more next time  I have yarn money burning a hole in my pocket and they are on sale again. This girl doesn’t pay full price for yarn.

The premise of Cupcake yarn is that each cake makes a hat. Only one problem, with most of the patterns out there each cake makes a normal hat, plus some left over. I didn’t want any left over. So I set out to make a pointy fun hat that used the entire cake of yarn. I succeeded.

A fun, make up as you go hat formula for using a single cupcake yarn. Free from My Workbasket

The first hat I made was the orange and blue, which of the two colorways was the one my son wanted.  His hat DID leave me with a small ball of yarn, so I decided I simply HAD to try again. The second hat did use the entire cake but didn’t come to quite as fun of a pointy point.

Troll crafting means each hat is exactly what it is meant to be. Since it uses a cake and is for winter, I decided to call it a Troll Cake Hat. In winter, on snowy days especially, I have a “recipe” for troll cake, which has even less instructions than this hat. Just for fun, I’ll give you my Troll Cake recipe too.

A fun, make up as you go hat formula for using a single cupcake yarn. Free from My Workbasket

A troll cake hat is similar to a Weasley Sweater. Handmade with love, every one unique, and keeps you warm and cozy.

So if you want your own toasty, colorful, fun, potentially pointy hat, grab a cake of yarn and get started. If you don’t have a Cupcake yarn, don’t worry, this is Troll Crafting, just grab what you have. If it is a lightweight yarn these “instructions” will still work. If it is a heavier yarn you’ll need to cast on less and with a different needle. I’d say maybe 100 and start with a 6, then switch to an 8. Both of my hats fit a 10-year-old, or an adult. Little known fact, the head grows very little, if at all, after age 8. That’s why little kids look like they have such large heads. So I’d guess this will probably fit most 8-year-olds and older. If your troll child has a small head, maybe cast on a few less.

The Pattern:

A fun, make up as you go hat formula for using a single cupcake yarn. Free from My Workbasket

If you are using a different yarn and it didn’t come with a pompom, make a pom first.

Using size 2 needles cast on 116. (Keep it a multiple of 4 if you need a different number) Join in the round and do K2P2 ribbing for as long as you like. My orange and blue has about a half inch, my blue and green has an inch or more.

After you are done your ribbing switch to size 6 needles. Work for a while and then start to decrease. My orange and blue hat has about 5 inches before I started decreases, and I don’t love the way it lays. My blue and green hat I started decreasing after about 3 inches total.

You’ll have to decide your decreases. Maybe you do them when you feel like. Make you do a set number. My blue and orange hat is 4 decreases every 4 rows. My blue and green is 4 decreases every six rows. Maybe you try 6 decreases every 6 rows, or 8 decreases every 12 rows, or 4 decreases every two rows. Maybe you do 4 this row and then knit a while and do 6, then a while later you do 5. It’s troll crafting, just go with it. If your hat is getting to point to fast you can decrease how often you decrease. If it is too wide and you want to make it pointier, decrease more per row or more frequent rows.

My orange and blue hat made it very clear that I was going to run out of hat well before I ran out of yarn, so I started spreading my decreases. Going as rarely as every ten rows as I got to the end. My blue and green hat could have used more frequent decreases, it’s point is a bit lacking, but I really wanted to see exactly how that decrease pattern works and I followed it to the end.

When you get to the end, you simply finish in some way, weave in your ends and add your pompom. My blue and orange hat came to such a point it is simply I-cord at the end. A delicious look, but awful for sewing on a nice pom. My blue and green got a 3-Needle Bind Off which I then folded up a bit and gathered into more of a bunch. Then I added my pom. That pom went on so easy compared to the other hat!! I do like the way the blue and green lays when on your head.

And there you have your own Troll Cake Hat! If you want to find it on Ravelry, it’s there! You can find it here!

A fun, make up as you go hat formula for using a single cupcake yarn. Free from My Workbasket

Did you remember that I promised you cake?!?! Here is how you make Troll Cake, which is simply divine to do when it snows. I try to make it every snow day, but absolutely do the first snow of the year.  There are no instructions, it is what it is. It may be almost like biscuits, or maybe it’s moist and almost syrupy. It’s not for cooking amateurs, though I guess nothing in it will kill you if you mess up either.

Dried Fruit- soaked in juice or rum or water; ginger; cinnamon; clove; molasses (a good bit of it, don’t hold back on the molasses;) sour cream or yogurt; flour; melted butter; and nuts. Notice there is no milk or eggs because no troll wants to deal with the crazy snow crowds to buy milk or eggs.

Usually, I bake it at 350 for 30 minutes as a start. You can eat it plain, top it with cream cheese frosting, or whipped cream, or whatever your troll heart desires. My last batch came out similar to stollen and was best used toasted and covered with butter!

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