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When we go to visit with my parents it’s nice to see them and be part of their lives for awhile. It’s also nice to spend some time away from home, in the country, just mostly relaxing. I usually come home in a good mental place, and usually with something I have been struggling with all figured out. All of that is great, BUT the real reason I go, is for thrift shops! Here at home we have two Goodwill’s that are easy to get to and close, but I don’t like shopping there (expensive!!) There is a small independently run shop that we love, and donate to, but it is a bit of a drive, so we usually fill up a carload with donations and then make a trip. At my parent’s house it is the opposite. They have three thrift stores within walking distance of their business. If the weather is not sweltering hot you could walk from one shop to the next to the next without getting overtired. Sometimes when we go I pick up just a few things, sometimes I get pretty lucky. This most recent visit I got pretty lucky. I bought a few games (funnily enough two were ones my own Mom had donated!) but mostly I bought craft stuff and housewares. Those are my spots, games and toys, crafts, housewares, and I usually check books but don’t buy many.

Here’s some photos of my recent acquisitions:


All of this cost SO little. The most expensive piece was my favorite, the Hull pottery bean pot! ($5!!) I’ve been wanting a bean pot for quite a while so it really made my day to find a beautiful, vintage, fun one and at a great price! To me that is what thrift shopping is all about.

The rest of the stuff? Well, do I need new coffee cups? No, no I do not. I just couldn’t pass up these adorable mushrooms ones. I also have a neat idea for coffee cups when I get my shop set up. I just realized too there is at least one more find that isn’t shown, a 1970’s avocado green mail sorter. It even had a receipt in it from 1976, someone paid farm bureau $1500 for insurance.

A couple of bags of buttons, bits, and bobs. I always buy bags of bias tape when I find them. They are almost always a steal of a deal compared to new bias tape. There is four bags in the photo with the mushroom (firm plastic, no idea what I will do with it, but couldn’t pass it up) that are little wibbly bits, dollhouse sized or similar. One bag is brass handled bowls, one is plastic telephones, one is plastic bear steins, and one is plastic camp lanterns. The mushroom. It was sitting on the shelf, and I just had to have it. I may just poke it in a plant pot, or save it. Even the cashier said “Where on earth did you find this!?!?!?” I figure one day a craft will call for something similar and if I didn’t get it I would regret it.

A Wagner Ware cast iron skillet, perfect size for cooking eggs. I found a website with info about dating it and it is most likely from the 50s. Collectible to some, but I’ll still be using it to cook eggs. At least I will once I scrub it and reseason it.

Cute sewing basket. I need to repair the strap that catches a button to hold it shut, but that is easy enough. I’m not sure the date of it. It has a vintage appeal, but they often do that to sewing baskets. I just needed a little sewing basket, and thought it would be ideal.

A few vintage craft booklets, a sewing pattern (giant sized snack foods) and a 1986 needlework kit round it out.

I just remembered another item not in the photos! Another prized find at that! A turquoise Pyrex bowl, the large size, with the country pattern I can’t remember the name of. The surface is quite a bit scratched. It could still be used of course, but I’m planning to put it in the craft room and use it to hold ribbons or yarns or something.

I also got a fold-up, space saving meat slicer! Not vintage, but not new. I’m super excited because we have wanted one for a long time, but just don’t have the space for a big bulky full sized one. This one is perfect for our needs and already paid for itself (only $3!) when I bought a 5 pound block of cheese last week.

I should have taken more photos, I keep thinking of things not shown. I also got a pie iron, though I am having a lot of trouble getting it to work. For one thing, gluten free bread is small. I don’t know why but it is very frustrating. So it doesn’t really fill the iron and get crimped. I also seem to get everything to stick, even when using so much butter it comes dripping out while I toast it. Since we cook three meals a day, seven days a week, year round, I’ve been wanting a pie iron to just add some fun and mix things up sometimes. I’ll probably keep trying this one, and then see what I think. If it is fun and we enjoy it but this one seems damaged or keeps sticking I may buy a new one. At least that way I will know the investment is worth it.

What about you? Have YOU been thrift shopping recently? What are some of your favorite finds? What area of the store do you search?


  1. This is cool 🙂 I’ve been meaning to get into thrift shopping some more. I’ve heard some of the stuff you can find if you do it on a regular basis is unbelievable!!

    1. Author

      You wouldn’t believe some of my finds. It amazes people because I have random vintage collectible tucked all over the place. More than once some has said “I’ve always wanted…’ or “I was just reading about …” and my response is “I have one/a few tucked away… picked them up at the thrift once.” I’ve developed a bit of radar, I KNOW when I need to go and will find good stuff, quite often I walk right to it! I’ve been driving along and say “I need to pull into *specific thrift store* there is a book/pot/houseware/etc there that I have to get.” True story!

  2. Sweet coffee mugs! Those are some awesome finds!

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