6 Things I’m LOVING Right Now

From a water bottle to a recipe a list of six things that I am just loving this week!

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

I wanted to share a little sneak peek into my life with a feature about 6 things I’m loving this week. In no particular order here are six things I am just loving right now and why.

There are three things I want you to take away from this list. 1. I just love these things. 2. The simple things in life can be amazing, and by appreciating them you will probably be a happier person. 3. The fact that two of these items, and my phone case (not shown) all match was completely coincidental.


From a water bottle to a recipe a list of six things that I am just loving this week!

Julie Nutting Stamps- I have  BIG crafty reveal coming soon, so I can’t show anything right now that I have done with these, but recently I fell for them. I have since acquired 3 sets of planner stamps from this line and haven’t even had time to play around with most of them yet.  What are they? Rubberstamps (and die cuts, though I don’t have any of those yet) of dolls! You can stamp them in black on white paper and just have fun coloring them in, OR you can stamp on patterned papers and fussy cut out clothes and pieces to create colorful dolls. Of course, then you can use those dolls for a variety of fun things. Here are the three sets I have so far, I picked them because I tend to make smaller items and liked this smaller size, plus all the words:

Prima - Julie Nutting - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Holiday BlissPrima - Julie Nutting - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Make Kindness HappenPrima - Julie Nutting - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Craft Day

Honeywell Fan-  I do not even understand why some of the features on this fan exist (like a light dimmer?? Why does a fan need a light dimmer??) but I love this fan. Seems odd to love a fan, I’m not usually a fan lover, but this fan. We set it up so that the hollow base is half way on our floor vent, and it just really moves that air around, even at the lightest levels of fanning. The levels, that is my favorite feature, so many levels. My husband keeps turning it up higher than I do. I’m a fan of the “calm” setting myself. Let me tell you, if I sit on the couch, doing something lazy, this fan is like a magic nap generator. I don’t sleep well, so sometimes I really need a nap generator.

My favorite GF crackers! Item number 3- Milton’s Crackers. I’ve been buying Milton’s in the massive bag at Sam’s for probably a year or pretty close. Recently a PR rep contacted me and offered to send me some for free. I said yes because I already knew I loved them. I usually buy the giant bag of Sea Salt, but I don’t know if I’ve ever really tried the other flavors. They are GOOD. My husband just discovered after all this time that they are not pita chips. They work great for cheese and crackers, for dipping, or just for snacking. I probably eat Milton’s just about every day. I really missed crackers before I found Milton’s.

Every year I buy a new water bottle/summer cup. For some reason, my choice never seems to last all the way to the next summer. I’ve lost expensive ones, had cheap ones break, and just had them disappear. I just know that I’ll need a new one when spring rolls around. I went shopping for one with no grand plan, no expectations. Something that holds water, that’s all I wanted. Confronted with choices I opted for this one. It was mid-range in price at $15. I like another one that was $12 but was much smaller, so I said if I’m going to pay $12 I might as well pay $15 and get the bigger one.  It’s kind of like the fan, I’m not usually loving a water bottle, but this one is awesome. It holds 40 ounces, which I make sure I drink every day. Staying hydrated does seem to be helping me feel pretty good. It’s also VERY well insulated. I usually fill it in the morning with water from my filter and it’s that same temp at night when I finish it off. If we’re going to a baseball game or outside I put a few pieces of ice. I don’t like COLD water, so I put just enough to keep it cool, but am finding that may not even be necessary. The lid screws off to drink and stays attached, but the entire lid also comes off for easier filling and adding ice. The large handle is easy to carry, and can clip to the carabiner clip I have on my purse. It seems REALLY sturdy, so with luck maybe this will break my bottle needing streak. I'm loving this water bottle!

Speaking of my purse. I am LOVING my new bag. My son surprised me on Mother’s Day with a new bag. What really surprised me is that he immediately pointed out the interior pocket. I had talked to him a few times about wanting a new purse, usually just while checking one I spotted at the store. One requirement I had was an inside pocket. The other requirement is that it be big enough to hold whatever I want. My previous bag wasn’t exactly little but just didn’t have space to throw in some bug spray, or binoculars, or an apple, or a book, or a craft project, which are all things I randomly throw in my purse for different events.  Well, this purse seems pretty unassuming on the outside:

Unassuming on the outside, but wait until you see what it can HOLD!Here is the real magic though, LOOK at everything inside my purse:It's like Mary Poppins' Bag- all of this and still space, and doesn't feel like it's breaking your shoulder.

Foldable sunhat, bug spray, granola bar, wallet, umbrella, chopsticks, natural bug repellant in a tin, first aid cream, arnica cream, my Traveler’s Notebook, sunglasses, sunscreen, deodorant (because I have an 11-year-old boy) a coffee scented pen, AND a business card case. PLUS the other day it also had a book, yes, on top of all this other stuff! With a different combo of contents, I have held a crochet project in here no problem. The other day at practice my son took a baseball to the nose and I had to pull ALL of this (and the book) out in order to look for a napkin for the bleeding. It was comical. The carabiner I mention holds my keys and is on the handle on the other side that you don’t see here. I tried to look for a link to the bag and can’t find one. I know it was purchased at Michaels around Mother’s Day, but I can’t find it online.

The last thing I’m loving, Instant Pot Cold Start Yogurt. Truthfully I don’t eat much yogurt, but my husband, he’s addicted. My son likes it too, but my husband really puts it away. I have tried making yogurt for YEARS and have had multiple yogurt machines. I have NEVER, not once, gotten amazing homemade yogurt. This method works though! It’s easy too!

1 jug of Fairlife Milk (it’s an ultrafiltered milk, about $3 a jug)

1 cup of Half n Half (some say this is optional, I always add it because I always have it)

Yogurt to start- You can use about 1/2 cup of any yogurt with active bacteria, or you can use a yogurt starter.

That’s IT! Stir well, pour in the Instant Pot, put the lid on set to vent, and hit the yogurt button.  In 8 hours put the container in the fridge, OR I put it into 1 cup serving containers. This recipe fills 9 cups!!! Not bad for less than $4. I really put off buying the special milk. It does make it more comparable in price to buying yogurt, but it does still come out cheaper, and it’s good. So good in fact that I am experimenting right now, I bought chocolate milk to see if I can make chocolate yogurt! (PS. The Chocolate didn’t work, but I still love the original!)

So there you go, six things I’m loving this week! I’m working away on a new crochet pattern to give you, and a craft/life project I am VERY excited about, and writing up my June reading list. Enjoy yourself this week! Tell me, what are YOU loving right now?!!?!?

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