The Kathryn Shawl- A New Granny Style Shawl/Scarf

Free pattern for the crochet Katherine Shawl, a shawl/scarf that uses a single cake of light weight yarn! From My Workbasket

A while ago I released the Ann Shawl, a crochet shawl that was named after the aunt who tried to teach me to crochet, and here we have the Kathryn Shawl, named after my Mom who DID successfully teach me to crochet.

Here’s the thing, they are exactly the same crochet shawl. The only difference is yarn and hook size used, and I have two more finishing ideas for you!

A free pattern for the Kathryn Crochet Shawl, free from My Workbasket

The Pattern:

While the Ann is made of worsted weight yarn, the Kathryn is in lighter weight yarn. (Incidentally, my Mom is lighter weight than my Aunt always was, but that being the case with the yarn too was unintentional. It’s really cracking me up now that I realized it though.) My sample is done in Lion Brand Mandala, but any DK or Light Worsted yarn will work.  Mine is 44 rows, which used a single skein AND left me with enough yarn for my choice of border and some extra. I could have made it bigger and left less remnant. Mine is big enough for a decent scarf, and a light shawl. Using a full skein would make a larger shawl.  Two skeins would make a mind-blowing shawl.

You’ll use an F sized crochet hook.

The technique is the same as the Ann. Here’s how to make the main shawl body:

Ch 4, 2 dc in first chain, chain 3 and turn (chain three is beginning of the next row) (one granny cluster made)

2 dc in same space as chain, ch 1, 3 dc in last stitch (chain stitch beginning the previous row) chain 3 and turn (2 granny clusters)

2 dc in the same space as the chain, chain 1, 3 dc in chain 1 space of previous row, ch 1, 3 dc in last stitch (chain 3 from previous row) chain 3 and turn (three granny clusters)

Continue this pattern by doing 3 dc in every beginning stitch, every chain 1 space, and the end stitch.

The Katherine Shawl- A granny style shawl that uses a single skein of yarn, FREE from My WorkbasketTwo New Finishing Styles:

These will work here on the Kathryn OR on your Ann Shawl.  

You can also finish your Kathryn with either of the borders used by the Ann. The options there are a ruffle and a scallop.

One option is to add tassels! After finishing your last row, leave yourself enough yarn to make 3 tassels. You can make a big one for the main point and two smaller ones for the ends, or three the same size for each corner. Your choice! Tassels are a very boho funky way to do it!

Curly Fringe: Another very funky way is to add this curly fringe.

To make Curly Fringe (as shown in my sample) finish your row, at the corner after doing your third DC for the granny part of the actual scarf, chain 10. Sc in the second chain from hook, then 2 sc in next stitch. Alternate a sc and two sc in one stitch until you get back to the shawl body. SC in the next two spaces between rows. Create another chain 10 fringe. Repeat this method around the shawl body, including the center point, and back up to the long finished edge. Slip stitch the last fringe to the shawl body, and finish off. Weave in your ends .

Sample of the Curly Fringe on the Katherine Shawl

You can find it on Ravelry Here!

I’d love to know what you think! Do you prefer worsted weight yarn? Or other weights! Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to send pictures of your finished items!

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