Sunday, January 17, 2021
The Advent Calendar that wasn't, and how I was suckered by my 10 year old.
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The Advent Calendar that Wasn’t

Several weeks ago I got the idea of making an advent calendar. I wanted to make mini mittens and hang them on a line. I decided not to crochet them though because I wanted my son to help, so I opted to use felt. Cut to shape, sew, hang. I was going to share the pattern and directions here with you. I bought a stack of felt. I mentally prepped my idea. I asked my son about 20 times if he was ready to make it. I ordered a case of 20 Hot Wheels cars to put in it. (I was going to grab more items when I go shopping.)

Fast Forward- November 30, bedtime.

No advent calendar has been made.  My husband was in bed early because he had to go in to work at 2 am. My sewing machine is in our bedroom.  My son is asking if I can make it while he sleeps. Umm, no.

So my son was all upset. He’s very good at being upset. I promised that we could just do a car anyway without a calendar, and work on the actual calendar tomorrow.

Fast Forward again- today, December 13.

There is still no calendar. There are now TWO stacks of felt.  Every day at some random time my son asks for his car. Sometimes I’m on the ball and put one on the table before I go to bed the night before. That’s happened about twice.

I have to trudge down to the basement, to my holiday staging area (aka the deep freezer, which is surrounded by boxes of stuff waiting to be wrapped, as well as the wrapping supplies) and pull a car out of the case and bring it to him.  He even remembers if we forget a day, and then asks me for two the next day.

Case in point:

The Advent Calendar that wasn't, and how I was suckered by my 10 year old.

Today’s funky green car and yesterdays black car.

You guys, he literally looks at the car and then puts it in a Ziploc bag with the other advent cars.  I have not seen him actually play with these cars.

You guys, I think I’ve been had.


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