Using baskets around your house can help you organize and be cute too!

If you are looking to spruce up your home d├ęcor, baskets are a handy and inexpensive way to add charm while giving your home extra storage space. Buying Baskets: I LOVE to buy baskets at thrift stores and department stores. They’re usually cheap and there is a ton of variety out there. Just be sure to buy sturdy baskets! Usually, thrift stores are my first choice for baskets, just check them thoroughly first. If I know I need a specific size or style, or multiples of a basket, then I go to the department store. The stores always have tons but most of them aren’t good.Read More →

One thing I hear lots of people say about homemade slippers is that they are too slippy. I personally love to slide around on my laminate floors, but if you have little kids or prefer to act like a grown up, maybe you’d like to make slippers nonslip.  I’ve heard people using chaulk and a big chaulking gun, and I imagine it works great, but how gloppy it must be!! The way I know is easy, cheap, and even super cute!  I finished another slipper from this November 1962 issue, it isn’t a pair yet, but it’ll do to teach you this trick.  For someRead More →