Great new book from Michael Delman about helping your child with their executive function issues.

Do you know what executive function is? I’ll be honest, lots of people don’t and you usually only know the term after it’s a problem. When it’s a problem it’s a BIG problem, a parental tear your hair out nightmare. SO first, let me explain executive function, then I’ll tell you WHY I’m talking about executive function.Read More →

Favorite crafts and patterns from around the web! My Workbasket

In my mind when I think of crafts certain sources come to mind- The Workbasket magazine (surprise!) Annie’s Crafts/Attic/Catalog, and Leisure Arts. I feel like for me personally growing up with crafty relatives and trying new things these names were constant. I remember doing plastic canvas to make a Treasure Troll village from a Leisure Arts booklet when I was a kid. Since I talk about the Workbasket often, and about Annies last week I want to take a few minutes this week to share a few favorites from Leisure Arts. This crochet book is at the top of my wishlist! Look at those animals!Read More →

Fun videos with a dose of yarny goodness! -- My Workbasket

I recorded a fun little video today to just show you some of what I’ve been working on lately in my hoard of projects. I also show off an amazing bag of yarn I bought yesterday! Behold! Yarntube #1 and I hope there will be many more. The Monkey is from this Book The CAL is Here Be sure to Follow Me On Ravelry! I do try to update regularly so you can see my projects in progress before I even write about them. My Crafty Facebook Group can be Found Here.Read More →

Just some of the things I'm working on this week. Three painting samples, some painted rocks, and more!

How was your week last week? Amazing I hope! Mine was okay. I did some good stuff, was fairly productive, had some fun. Here’s a visual example of my week : If you haven’t seen yet I released not one but TWO free hat patterns last week. The 1967 Beret, and the 1967 Ribbed Beanie! It always takes a certain amount of work to release a new pattern but I got that all done and both patterns are on Ravelry if you want to save them for later. A friend has been asking me for probably a year or more to teach some painting classes onRead More →

The 1967 Beret, a great hat, with a simple knitting stitch. FREE pattern!-- My Workbasket

In the September 1967 issue, one pattern I started immediately was this beret. Just one problem. At first, I overlooked the original stitch pattern and looked up an alternative. Turns out the stitch pattern IS there, but it isn’t actually right! The stitch pattern listed makes a beautiful stitch that I just adore, BUT it is not ribbed at all like the photo. I shared a picture on Instagram of how it didn’t match up, not even a little, not even at all.   As you can see, no ribs.   You can see the 1967 Ribbed Beanie on the left and the 1967 BeretRead More →

A few photos I took at Mount Vernon, which is simply a wonderful place to visit!-- My Workbasket

How was your week last week? Mine was simply delightful! Well, mostly. A little bit of stress and annoyance with my neighborhood, but let’s focus on all the good stuff instead! I had a pretty productive week craft wise, although I have several projects I want to finish today in order to be on my own self-created deadline. I have a free pattern I designed that will be coming out (hopefully) this week, and I am knitting up my third sample to test the pattern. I also need one more square for my current block in the CAL. Add in the crafts from the actualRead More →

Several different yarn crafts from the county fair-- My Workbasket

Every year I swear I’m going to enter items in the county fair. Every year it gets away from me and I don’t. Sadly, this year was no different. I picked up the book several weeks ago, got my items to enter figured out. Item registration was Sunday, Tuesday I said “Well darn! Guess I’m not entering the fair again!” My son and I do have fun going every year on Kids Day. I eyeball the crafts, pet some sheep, and swear I’ll enter some crafts next year. He pets some sheep, eyeballs pigs, and eats massive amounts of sugar. Mostly, we both load upRead More →

Video tutorial of how to use Tunisian Crochet and make this Tunisian Crossed Stitch-- My Workbasket

Block B in the Tunisian Crochet Along is done in the Tunisian Crossed Stitch. It’s slightly more tricky then the Simple Stitch we did last week, BUT it is still easy to do. If you haven’t joined the CAL it isn’t to late! The total cost, including a basic hook, can be around $30 depending on what yarn you pick and the blocks work up quite fast! So don’t let time or cost stop you. If you can afford it, I do love the Denise Crochet set! (You can see them on the link in my right sidebar.) You can buy a basic metal afghanRead More →

Just a few of the projects I worked on this week, some sneak peeks of upcoming free patterns, and some fun!-- My Workbasket

Did you have a good week last week? Mine was fantastic! I was really quite productive and most of my projects to do list is done! Crafty to do list especially. My chore cards did languish a bit, but I did at least hold the house together.  School is officially back in session where I am, so the neighborhood is much quieter these days. Our homeschool group is in full swing and we had out first art day! We painted rocks for kindness rocks, though most of the kids want to keep theirs instead. I’ll be painting quite a few to give away, so allRead More →

Yummy cheese filled and veggie loaded meatballs! -- My Workbasket

When I made these meatballs recently I just knew I HAD to share the recipe with you. They are SO good, and the recipe makes enough to either serve 8 people, OR make some and freeze some! When my husband took some for work people were immediately asking him for where I got the recipe. They are SO good, and are just loaded with veggies. They really eat like a meal all by themselves, but you could easily top them with a favorite sauce. Print Veggie Loaded Cheese Stuffed Meatballs These meatballs are just loaded with veggies and then stuffed with cream cheese. You canRead More →

Square A for the Tunisian Throw Crochet Along-- My Workbasket

I promised I wouldn’t leave you hanging on the CAL! I made this video to introduce how to make block A for the Crochet Along, using the Tunisian Simple Stitch. Next Tuesday there will be a new video for the stitch used in Block B, the Tunisian Crossed Stitch. This entire project is very beginner friendly and the blocks work up pretty quickly. We’re only just starting but it’s never to late to join! This is what Block A will look like. I randomly grabbed one of my colors and ended up with the Bright Blue colorway of my yarn. As you can see TunisianRead More →

Highlights from the September 1967 Workbasket. I'll be making projects from this issue all month long!-- My Workbaskt

September 1967, a time for Lonely Hearts Club (the Beatles released that famous album in June) but you won’t have  a lonely heart if you desire an interracial marriage. Thanks to Loving vs Virginia that was declared legal this year. 475,000 men were off in Vietnam, so you could have been lonely for them though. It was a year of protests and upheaval in many ways. Exciting things were happening and not just at war or protests against them. Evil Knievel jumped 16 cars on on his motorcycle. Elvis Presley married Priscilla. The musical “Hair” was showing off-Broadway. People were watching Doctor Who, The BeverlyRead More →