Do you ever start a project, or a meal, and from start to finish it is just cursed? Just every little thing that can go wrong does, and what should be quick and/or easy take forever or is very hands on. That happened to me Sunday night while cooking dinner. I started a full 30 minutes earlier than usual but every single thing went wrong. I somehow was behind, things that should have been in the oven by six didn’t get there until 6:15 or even 6:30. Things broke. Things leaked. Things went missing. It was just cursed from beginning to end. My roasted chickenRead More →

Gingerbread Pancakes from a Vintage Recipe

One feature in many Workbasket issues with “With The Cooks,” which has a variety of recipes on a similar theme. This February 1967 issue the theme was pancakes! I know to some people pancakes are a weekend food, but not to us. We’re as likely to have pancakes on a random Tuesday as on a special Saturday, so I knew I’d try a few of these recipes. First up was gingerbread! I LOVE gingerbread, my son LOVES gingerbread, and he had a friend sleepover who apparently also LOVES gingerbread. My husband had already eaten, he did not get gingerbread. The recipe called for a cupRead More →

My husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary back in October, and I remember making hot chicken salad years ago as a newlywed in our apartment. The November 1962 issue featured the same recipe using turkey, so I knew I needed to make it again.  Admittedly it isn’t much to look at. The picture in the magazine looks very boring and in person it isn’t much better.  I left out the green peppers, because I don’t like them in this style of recipe. And, in the spirit of leftovers, instead of grating up fresh cheese I sliced layers of leftover cheeseball and laid themRead More →

The November 1962 issue I’m currently working on has a ton of recipes (17 if my memory serves) but they’re mostly for Thanksgiving or Turkey leftovers. I don’t have turkey leftovers yet obviously, but there was a spiced apple recipe and I decided to try it. My family loves apples. I usually buy 2 bushels every fall to get us through the winter. They love to seem them baked or stewed on the dinner table, or as a dessert.  The magazine suggests it as a garnish for the turkey platter and I figured I’d do a test run. The clove and warmth of it couldRead More →

The October/November 1992 issue features surprisingly few recipes, but I was intrigued by the spaghetti fritatta.  It features egg, mozzarella, parmesan, bacon, and the main ingredient cooked spaghetti. The great benefit to this is how impossible it seems to be to make the right amount of spaghetti for dinner to match the right amount of sauce. When you end up with leftover spaghetti you can put it in the fridge and make this later or the next day.  I whipped it up and vaguely remembered having made something similar before.  It was pretty good! I ate some plain, some drizzled with Frank’s Red Hot, andRead More →