Recent batch from the dyed pot. Handdyed wool that looks just like clown hair.

Really, what else can you even call that??? The best part is that it didn’t get dyed in that stripe pattern, that happened as I rinsed it. It was dyed in clusters of color. I’ve had my dye pot going constantly for the last few weeks. I pretty much start a batch in the evening, turn it off to cool in the morning, then rinse and dump in the evening and refill it. I have about 15 pounds of my own stash to dye, PLUS the homeschool center got some amazing donations. Since we have limited time at the center I’m trying to dye someRead More →

A video tutorial about how to change yarn in both tunisian and regular crochet. -- My Workbasket

A friend of mine has been saying she didn’t know how to change yarn colors, and I thought she meant for a certain project. Turns out that she meant at all. “I’m THAT much of a beginner!” SO I made a video for her and anyone else who needs it. I’m sure that there are better ways, this is by no means the be all end all, but this is one of the ways I change colors in my work. I start showing you how to change colors exactly in the same way as for my Hygge Hat when worked flat, then I decided toRead More →

I feel so bad about dropping the ball on the video last week I was determined to NOT let it happen again. This video is a little different but I think it’s the best yet, and I still show you the step by step method. This week its block F, the Tunisian Rib Stitch. This is the Nicole Studio Classic in Soft Purple. The video is very accurate for the color. For some reason, I can never manage to get this yarn brand and style to photograph with an accurate color. Even in a lightbox and such it just doesn’t look accurate. My Blanket isRead More →

Pumpkin Carving, Crochet, and Melting Plastic- My Workbasket

This post is coming a bit late, but it’s here, and that’s what matters right?? I don’t know about you but I have been SO busy the last month and a half. So busy that I have given up on my hilarious Halloween costume idea, because I know I won’t have time to make it. So busy that I have barely finished October projects and haven’t even started on anything for November or December! I don’t know if you know this, but most bloggers are actually writing posts up to six weeks or more in advance, so what you’re seeing is old news to them. Read More →

A classic granny style triangle shawl/scarf in an easy stitch, with two sizes and two edging options-- My Workbasket

I have always adored granny squares. I’d buy granny items from thrift stores even at a very young age. At around 13 years old I became really determined to make my own. The only person I knew well that crocheted at the time (and was local enough to teach me) was my Aunt Ann. Only one problem, she was left-handed, and I am not. I remember sitting face to face instead of side by side and trying to figure it out. It wasn’t working. She was very determined that you start your slip knot with your crochet hook, and to this day I make mineRead More →

Only 10 minutes and five ingredients make this amazing dip! Tastes great with chips or fruit and veggies!

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that my family (especially my son and I) eat a LOT of dips. We frequently will have some variety of dip for lunch with chips and veggies or fruit. I always just pull something together and have a pretty good system for always making something pretty good. Recently we had dip again, of course, and my son says “How about something with pineapple?” I said, “Well, Pineapple needs bacon!” And the following dip was the result. It is SO good. It tastes great with tortilla chips but just as good with something like apple slices or celery sticks.   Read More →

Fun videos with a dose of yarny goodness! -- My Workbasket

A little crafty fun for you today! A video of what I’ve been working on with some of my in-progress projects. Today is my one-year blogiversary! I didn’t plan anything special, but now you know. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible. Some quick show notes- My cable needle clamors around while I talk about my knit wrap, sorry about that. I think I held up my Euphoria Cardi backward. There is a design in the center, but it is in darker yarn and doesn’t show well anyway. I don’t know if I held it backward, or if the design just looks bumpy onRead More →

Step by Step by Step Video Tutorial for the Tunisian Purl Stitch-- My Workbasket

Good Morning! If you’re following along in the CAL it is now time for Block E- the Tunisian Purl stitch! As always I did a video to teach you the stitch. I had some issues with my camera, an update means that it zooms in and centers AFTER you hit record, and it seems to make me go to the edge of the shot a lot. No idea what is going on there. Hopefully, you still can see plenty and understand how to do the stitch! If not please do let me know! The camera also drops at one point, sorry about that. Here’s aRead More →

Some of the projects I've been working on. -- My Workbasket

I’ve had a blend of a productive and lazy week. Some days I got barely anything done, some days I was like a machine. I have several projects that are really coming along.  As you can see my Euphoria Cardi is becoming wearable! It has armholes! I still have quite a ways to go, but it’s getting there. I try to work on it every day and chip away at it. I also got the supplies and am trying “Knooking”  Have you ever tried it? Or even heard of it? I admit I’m struggling a bit with it. I find it very difficult to maintainRead More →

Free crochet pattern for the Zen Mug Cozy! My Workbasket

October! While I write this it is freshly October. It feels like October, it smells like October, there are pumpkins everywhere (and Christmas Decorations at the stores! BUT let’s not get me started on that.) By the time is post is live and you are reading it I bet it will be 80 degrees again, BUT let’s focus on FALL and the fact that it is here! Fall and Winter are a time to get cozy, to drink hot beverages and to relax. People can’t hibernate the way bears do but I personally get pretty close. To help enjoy this time in I designed thisRead More →

Free Pattern for the Tunisian Crochet Hyyge Hat, a cozy hat that works up quick. With instructions for making it in the round or flat and seamed, AND has a stitch tutorial video. -- My Workbasket

A few weeks ago I had the idea for a thick and quick to make cozy winter hat. Something that was easy and fairly mindless and you could just create a stack for by the front door. “Oh! It got so cold outside! Take a hat!” Or that could be made for the homeless with a stack in your car for giving away. Because Hygge is cozy I decided to name it the Hygge Hat. I got right to work on a quick Tunisian Crochet design. My first one was this gray and teal number. I admit it wasn’t quite the cozy factor I wasRead More →

My stack of blocks for the Tunisian Crochet Throw-- My Workbasket

You guys, we are pretty much at the halfway point on our throws!! I’d love to know how yours is looking and even see pictures! We are at CAL Week 5! This week I’m not going to introduce a new stitch. Instead, I encourage you to catch up if you are behind, make extra squares if you want a larger throw, or remake any squares that may have issues. I’ll be taking this week to make sure that my squares are all pretty much the same size. If any of yours are drastically larger or smaller than the others I would take this week toRead More →

My Week in one picture- My Workbasket

October 1st? WOW! I have had a super productive week! How was your week last week? I really would love to know. Chime in in the comments and tell me about your week and what you’ve been working on! I have had a super productive week! How was your week last week? I really would love to know. Chime in in the comments and tell me about your week and what you’ve been working on! Last weekend I found an ad on Facebook for a lot of weaving yarn at a great price! (Seriously mind-blowing price! Only $15!!) And we picked it up on Tuesday.Read More →

Well, I’ve done it, I’ve finished the first issue! There were a few more things I could have done, and I do hope to do them for future issues, but sadly that issue left me a bit underwhelmed. I was stuck in a tight spot because to push it farther would leave the blog a bit empty, but I also didn’t want to skip anything. Ultimately I discussed it with a few people and decided to start a new issue for the month of November. I’m really in love with the new issue, and can’t wait to get started! (In fact, I’ve already started something!)Read More →