1977 Issue of the Workbasket magazine, a vintage craft and homemaking magazine.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I cannot even believe it is 2018. My son is old enough now to realize how quickly time goes and is often commenting on it. 2017 was a good year all in all, but every year has its ups and downs. I was super sick last year for New Years, some weird virus, but other than that 2017 was one of the healthiest years of my life. How was your 2017? Are you excited for 2018? Any big events this year for you? Total truth here: I was so gearing up for 2018 that I almost forgot to actually getRead More →

The cover and craft highlights from a December 1960 magazine issue-- My Workbasket

December 1960! When this magazine cost 15 cents to pick up at a newsstand, and as the handwritten note says shows “knit cuffs!” Also in 1960, the US was the first to legalize the Birth Control Pill. Queen Elizabeth made it known her family would be known as the House of Windsor. The Beatles made their very first ever public performance. Perhaps you were reading Lady Catterly’s lover, this year it was unbanned in the England after 32 years, or maybe you were more of the To Kill a Mockingbird type.  If you could afford $219.95 for a 23″ tv then you could watch theRead More →

Cover art for the October 1966 Workbasket magazine- My Workbasket

Ronald Reagan was voted in as Governor of California. Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence” was number 1 earlier this year. Cigarette packages got warning labels. There were lots of Vietnam War protests. The Miranda Rights came into being. The US Department of Transportation was created. Ladies were rocking the Mini-Skirt, which took several years to become such a popular trend (the designer Mary Quant started making skirts shorter and shorter in the late 50s.) Adam West appeared as what some people will still claim is the best Batman of all time. Star Trek also debuted this year. My Dad’s personal favorite, How the GrinchRead More →

Highlights from the September 1967 Workbasket. I'll be making projects from this issue all month long!-- My Workbaskt

September 1967, a time for Lonely Hearts Club (the Beatles released that famous album in June) but you won’t have  a lonely heart if you desire an interracial marriage. Thanks to Loving vs Virginia that was declared legal this year. 475,000 men were off in Vietnam, so you could have been lonely for them though. It was a year of protests and upheaval in many ways. Exciting things were happening and not just at war or protests against them. Evil Knievel jumped 16 cars on on his motorcycle. Elvis Presley married Priscilla. The musical “Hair” was showing off-Broadway. People were watching Doctor Who, The BeverlyRead More →

August 1959! What a year! Bread cost about 20 cents a loaf. Hawaii and Alaska both were admitted to the union and became a state! The beautiful, blonde Barbie showed up! Ben-Hur was in theaters after breaking records on the amount spent in production (15.9 million) and you could get a ticket to see it for about $1. One of my favorite TV shows of all time debuted in October, featuring the gorgeous Rod Serling, on The Twilight Zone. (Seriously, I don’t know what it is about him, but I think Rod is just dreamy in those old episodes.) Bonanza also started airing, and TheRead More →

I’ve been writing this blog for several months now and this is the first time I picked a specific issue instead of using a random method. Why? It’s my birthday! I was born in July 1983, and knew I wanted to do that issue this month. Here’s some fun facts: After I was born, and named Alicia, in July, Hurricane Alicia struck Texas in August! I wonder if my parent’s were regretting their name choice. It was the first hurricane to make landfall in the US in three years and caused billions in damage. Also that year unemployment reached the highest number since 1941, EthiopiaRead More →

If you picked up this issue on the News Stand (I assume it was sold there) you may also have just bought hamburger meat at 53 cents a pound, and dropped off your $80 rent check. There is a pretty good chance your family owned a car (3 out of 5 did,) as well as a telephone (2 out of 3) or even a television! (1 out of 3) It is sad to say though that on that TV you may have watched news of the Korean War, or Nelson Mandella’s arrest, or about the polio epidemic. There was some good news this year though.Read More →

1980 had quite a few big things happen. The Iraq-Iran war started. Ronald Reagan will be elected later this year.  Mt Saint Helens erupted just recentlyand erupted again this month, killing 57 people. A personal favorite- the Post It hit the market! John Lennon was killed this year in December. The USA won it’s first ever gold in Olympic Ice Hockey! A southern heatwave for the upcoming summer killed over 1000 people! The wonderful classic Pac-Man was showing up in arcades. One phrase was HUGE, big enough that I wasn’t even born yet and still I’ve heard it countless times, “Who shot JR?!” And inRead More →

It feels like it just rolled into 2017 and now here we are in APRIL! How did that happen??? Spring is coming, my early blooming flowers have already bloomed and died, and my March baby has turned 10! 10! People. I don’t know how time goes at the speed it does. Slow down time! Just slow down! But really, April is here! I almost grimace when I say it, but it is. The April issue was picked a few weeks ago, and in the spirit of slowing down time  I picked the oldest April issue I have in my collection, 1949. I’ve already gotten aRead More →

1975, what a year! The Kool-Aid man started appearing in some TV commercials! and TVS in Australia even started broadcasting some color! The betamax was released. In 1975 the ring tab beer and soda can design was discontinued (and was previously used in wide variety of crafts!) Two true classics came out, in music, Bohemian Rhapsody, and in theater, Rocky Horror Picture Show! You may have been carrying around a pet rock, while wearing a mood ring. And on tv you may have been watching All in the Family, Sanford and Son, or a personal old favorite of mine, Rhoda! In March specifically the Eagles,Read More →

And it begins! Here’s my first issue to play with!  Issue: October/November 1992 How it was chosen: Random Number Generator. Entered the range of years I have in my collection, then chose the nearest year that I had a November issue. In this case it worked out extra well because it is a bit early in October to start a November issue, but this particular year has them combined. The random number generator chose 1990, and I didn’t have an 88, 89, 90, or 91 November issue.  Thoughts: This issue is new to me, just got it a few days ago, but it is probablyRead More →

I have a few things to finish up from the October/November 1992 issue, but a new issue “came in the mail” today. (By came in the mail I mean “was picked off my shelf,” but I’m trying to maintain the spirit of the blog.)  The new issue is November 1962. I flipped through and am really excited about it! I’ll be introducing it next week! But here is a sneak peak: And it features gems like this: Thanks for reading and stay tuned! Don’t forget you can subscribe to my blog, and receive new posts right in your email! And I love comments! Read More →