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Condo Knitting?? 4

Condo Knitting??

Hi everyone!! Recently I’ve been chugging away at several projects and working on doing my Make Your Home Challenges, and I’ve been pondering something. Condo Knitting. Recently, I have been hearing this phrase and...

Make Your Home- a series of crafty, creative, and organizational challenges to help you live the life you want in the home you want! 0

MYH: Quick Holiday Challenge

  A quick challenge for those doing the Make Your Home Challenge! I’ll be doing this this weekend. If you haven’t started, here is the first video with our main January Challenge!

The Make Your Home Challenge is a fun, year-long challenge to help you get organized! Our January Challenge is to create a file box to organize our year, and includes a complete how-to video! 2

January Make Your Home Challenge

It’s time for our January Make Your Home Challenge! Our main challenge for January is to set up a file folder system to help us manage our year! I explain it all in this...