For several months I have been toying with the idea of blogging about homeschooling. I’ve gone back and forth about doing it at all and also if I did do it if it should be here or on its own site. Well, finally I decided to do it, and then after setting up a free site, I opted to do it here instead. It is part of what I have in my personal workbasket, plus to be frank I don’t want to upkeep two different sites. I’m lazy and hate technology. (hahaha but true) SO if you are here for crafts only, and don’t careRead More →

Colorful Wool and prepped for teaching kids to wet felt!

I mentioned in my blog post Lately, that my son and I have been spending two days a week at a fun school for homeschoolers. I spend some of my time there teaching the kids various fun crafts and recently someone wanted to learn how to felt beads. We had a massive amount of wool donated so I took in some soap and taught them what to do.  Setting Up First I just pulled all sorts of wool out of our bin and made a big colorful pile. Once your hands get soapy it’s hard to get fresh wool without making a mess so IRead More →

Plastic Canvas Garland made from a kit

I’m not sure if I mentioned over the summer what our school year would be like. In June we (my son and I) attended an open house for a new homeschool center. It was a dream come true, the same idea I have been wanting to build for years. I jumped on board the same day as a founder and facilitator. So in September, we opened for the school year and my son and I spend Monday and Tuesday with about 20+ kids and 3 other facilitators doing all kinds of fun stuff! This post contains affiliate links. If you follow them and make aRead More →

Getting ready to make truffles with historically accurate chocolate!

Today is an amazing combo in that it’s summer, which is the perfect time for a trip, and that it is Chocolate Day. So I’m going to tell you how to enjoy a trip, get some amazing chocolate, and even turn it into a fun and easy history learning experience! (Interestingly enough there are actually 4 Chocolate Days a year, but that’s just an ADHD inspired tidbit.) We actually do a lot of tours and trips, mostly because we live close to so many, but also because my approach to history is that it is better to see and do than to read and quote. It’s oneRead More →

A few photos I took at Mount Vernon, which is simply a wonderful place to visit!-- My Workbasket

How was your week last week? Mine was simply delightful! Well, mostly. A little bit of stress and annoyance with my neighborhood, but let’s focus on all the good stuff instead! I had a pretty productive week craft wise, although I have several projects I want to finish today in order to be on my own self-created deadline. I have a free pattern I designed that will be coming out (hopefully) this week, and I am knitting up my third sample to test the pattern. I also need one more square for my current block in the CAL. Add in the crafts from the actualRead More →

Some pages from my sketchbook for the week. Trying to be creative every day! -- My Workbasket

It’s that time again! Let’s talk about life! Parenting- I don’t usually say to much about parenting, because honestly this blog is to give me something else to think about, talk about, and focus on, BUT this week. I swear my child has not shut up for at least 7 days straight. I locked myself in the bathroom and he just stood on the other side of the door talking to me the entire time I was in there. He has some various special needs that cause this sort of thing. Just, oh man, there is not enough coffee for this. It’s affected my productivityRead More →

That time again already! The weekly workbasket! Last Week: Last week here on the blog I started the first of the Christmas in July posts with a scarf from the magazine, that YOU can enter to win. The giveaway is open to all subscribers, so if you are a subscriber you have a chance to win! If you are NOT a subscriber you have time! Just subscribe by Tuesday the 18. Other than that I started crocheting a test pattern for someone, it’s super cute, and makes use of all the colorful cakes of yarn out on the market now. I can’t reveal much, butRead More →