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Only 10 minutes and five ingredients make this amazing dip! Tastes great with chips or fruit and veggies! 0

Easy Pineapple Bacon Dip- Savory and Sweet

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that my family (especially my son and I) eat a LOT of dips. We frequently will have some variety of dip for lunch with chips and veggies or...

Easy three ingredient frozen strawberry treat! --My Workbasket 0

Three Ingredient Frozen Strawberry Treat

The June 1952 issue of the Workbasket had a section on using strawberries and one thing that intrigued me was the “Frozen Treat,” so when strawberries went on sale I knew what I was...


Snow on the Mountain- Easy Recipe

Snow on the Mountain I’ve been cooking with my son and teaching him some basics for years, and somewhere along the lines he picked up/made up this recipe. He loves to make it sometimes...