A quick trial painting to test my new Gouache! A new to me medium that I am not super in love with!-- My Workbasket

Recently I have been watching quite a few videos over at Creativebug (affiliate link, I make a few bucks if you sign up, which I recommend because it is awesome and I LOVE it!) and several videos of illustrations that I liked used Goache. (pronounced like squash) I don’t have any gouache (well, actually I may have a cheap pack somewhere, but that is irrelevant because I wanted to buy art supplies and wanted to set myself up for success with quality paint) so I started shopping. First I put together a massive shopping basket, then I whittled it down, then I filled it again,Read More →

Step by step tutorial video for how to make the triple/treble crochet! -- My Workbasket

It’s time for part three of the how to crochet series, how to do the triple or treble crochet! The stitch is the same, some sources call it the treble, and some call it the triple. In modern US terminology anyway. In other countries the terms are different, and I have encountered antique patterns that use the other terminology as well. If you are learning to crochet though, here is the step by step of how to do the triple/treble crochet! This video doesn’t feature the chain and basic steps, those can be found in the first part of the series. This video will showRead More →

How to make the Double Crochet Stitch, a video tutorial from My Workbasket

Please don’t feel like I dropped a bomb on you and then disappeared. After posting about upcoming changes to my site I came back to visit my parents, and haven’t had much to talk about. I don’t usually pre-schedule many of my posts and just didn’t have content to share. I’d rather be quiet then blabber so I just haven’t posted. I did find a few neat thrift store items, mostly a big stack of vintage cookbooks, some of which are even from the 1940s! I’m hoping to try maybe a recipe a week and talk about it here. We’ll see how much I manageRead More →

Hey Guys!! (Not literally, though hello to any guys reading this as well!!!) I realized last night that in reality, you don’t know me. Not just in a “this is only a website, and we’ve never met in person” kind of way, but in the fact that I am holding myself back from you. I am not letting you truly meet me and be a part of my life. I’m going to remedy that. Starting right now! You’ll be seeing a lot more of ME on the site. I intend to share more events from my daily life, more of my personal story, more ofRead More →

Part 1 of Starting to Crochet. Video Tutorial shows How to chain, single crochet, and slip stitch!

I’ve started a new tutorial series to teach anyone interested how to crochet! The first video for the crochet tutorial is already available and shows you how to chain, single crochet, and slip stitch. Practice these stitches if you want to learn and soon I’ll post a VERY Beginner  Project for you to make! I also have videos coming of how to double crochet, triple crochet, half double crochet, and eventually how to make a granny square, and the popular Corner to Corner (C2C) method. I love to crochet and find it very relaxing! Plus yarn shopping is FUN!!! I hope this helps you toRead More →

If you’ve been a reader for awhile you may be waiting to hear about February’s issue, but there isn’t one. I’ve decided to make a change starting this month. No More Monthly Issues! I will no longer be picking a single issue every month to work through. That was the idea what I started the blog, but truth be told those posts get very little attention. In fact, the least read posts on the whole website at the monthly issue reveals. They were also taking up the most of my time. Truth be told, it was also making vintage magazines a bit less fun for me.Read More →

I spent some time trying to finish up some projects in my workbasket, and one of them was this tatted edge from the February 1967 issue. I do know how to tat, both needle and shuttle, but I admit I am not well practiced and I struggle. I’ve discovered if I really get myself mentally into it first I do better. I can pick up a knitting or crochet project and just take off, but with tatting that is not so. Knowing that I opted to keep this edging quite short, and only made about 6 inches worth. After finishing, I did a four strandRead More →

I promised in February that the Ripe Olive Empress Salad, Jello Mold,  would be made! There was a delay, but it was made as promised. Usually I buy my gelatin in bulk but when I went to a new bulk food store they didn’t sell it that way. I had to go buy Knox from the regular store. Since I had been waiting for my trip to the bulk food store it threw off my timeline a bit. Plus I don’t go to a regular grocery store often, so that made it take even longer.  Then one day the weather was good, so I optedRead More →

A hot pad made from the vintage Palm Loom tool

I love an old ad. And this 1967 issue had a great one! Palm Loom, “Make Prize-Winning Rugs.” It was right there in the February issue, tucked between 40 yards of lace for $1, and a “Female-Dri” belt. So, I tracked down the Palm Loom on ebay, and after some browsing, watching, rebrowsing, rewatching, and finally some bidding I got one! $6 from Colorado. Luckily, not only did I track it down, but it came with the original paperwork; a full color sheet, and a page of black and white instructions (with quite a few testimonials.) In a box so well fitted it almost hadRead More →

Do you ever start a project, or a meal, and from start to finish it is just cursed? Just every little thing that can go wrong does, and what should be quick and/or easy take forever or is very hands on. That happened to me Sunday night while cooking dinner. I started a full 30 minutes earlier than usual but every single thing went wrong. I somehow was behind, things that should have been in the oven by six didn’t get there until 6:15 or even 6:30. Things broke. Things leaked. Things went missing. It was just cursed from beginning to end. My roasted chickenRead More →

I promised to try rug hooking this month and I did! The February 1967 issue featured an article on rug hooking purses, and the sample was cute! I’ve wanted to try rug hooking for several months and already had a frame, and then recently got some tools in an ebay lot. The lot contained a standard rug hook, and also a rug hooking gadget. If you didn’t know what it was in the tool post, this is the gadget. You thread yarn or wool into the tool, and then by “walking” the tool across the fabric it does the stitches for you. It has aRead More →

Gingerbread Pancakes from a Vintage Recipe

One feature in many Workbasket issues with “With The Cooks,” which has a variety of recipes on a similar theme. This February 1967 issue the theme was pancakes! I know to some people pancakes are a weekend food, but not to us. We’re as likely to have pancakes on a random Tuesday as on a special Saturday, so I knew I’d try a few of these recipes. First up was gingerbread! I LOVE gingerbread, my son LOVES gingerbread, and he had a friend sleepover who apparently also LOVES gingerbread. My husband had already eaten, he did not get gingerbread. The recipe called for a cupRead More →

I’ve only been doing this blog a few months, but this is the first time that two months were randomly picked (and voted on) that were sequential! I do hope it’s a rare occurrence but I also think it’s kinda neat. Since I already talked last month about what kind of year 1967 was let me jump right into debuting this issue! Last month I let members vote on which issue I would use from three randomly selected February issues. 1967 got the most votes and will be the issue I follow this month. (1975 had the second most votes and will be featured in March)Read More →

This month I’m trying something new, and getting the following months issue picked out early (in hopes of being able to be more prepared and share more fun stuff with you!) but before I start that I want to try something else new. You’re going to help me pick the issue! Here’s what I did: I walked to my collection of issues which takes three shelves, one each shelf I stuck in my hand and grabbed a random issue, then went up or down the months until I came to February. I did this on each shelf and came up with three February issues. Here’sRead More →