A wonderful tea cozy made by a reader! -- My Workbasket

Recently my friend Heather, who reads this site and is learning to crochet, completed this tea cozy! She used the basic design of the Hygge Hat, and the ribbed stitch from the CAL (which she participated in and finished) and she completed this great tea cozy! She said she did two panels, 35 stitches each, and then just seamed them up. Way to go Heather!!! What She Used: The Hygge Hat The Rib Stitch Tutorial The CAL (We’re done, but it’s not too late!) Recently reader Leslie bought some amazing finds in a mystery bag, and I’ll be sharing those soon too! If you have aRead More →

Fun and easy ornament making with this beautiful starch and salt dough! -- My Workbasket

A 1965 issue of Ladies Home Journal featured this fun salt and starch clay in their special Christmas issue. I was determined to make it, because why not really, and we now have some finished ornaments to show you and share the recipe! The recipe is pretty easy but does take one special ingredient. Don’t panic though, I was able to find it online with a quick search and even from Amazon. The clay itself is divine! Much smoother than salt dough, and it takes paint beautifully! Ours were painted with cheap regular craft paint, and even though our paint really is thin and awfulRead More →

Fun videos with a dose of yarny goodness! -- My Workbasket

I made a Yarn Tube! Yarntube 2 is below. I show off the current Christmas Projects I have going, and more. Just a bit of goofy fun on this snowy day! Yes it’s snowing here again!!!   Some things I reference in this video: The Ann Shawl The Hot Mat Fail The Puff Stitch Hat The Tunisian CAL   I hope everyone is toasty and warm, and cozy, and just working on all your own projects and getting ready for the holidays! I love you guys, thanks for sticking around!Read More →

The Advent Calendar that wasn't, and how I was suckered by my 10 year old.

Several weeks ago I got the idea of making an advent calendar. I wanted to make mini mittens and hang them on a line. I decided not to crochet them though because I wanted my son to help, so I opted to use felt. Cut to shape, sew, hang. I was going to share the pattern and directions here with you. I bought a stack of felt. I mentally prepped my idea. I asked my son about 20 times if he was ready to make it. I ordered a case of 20 Hot Wheels cars to put in it. (I was going to grab moreRead More →

Puff Stitch Crochet Hat with Mandala Yarn

I have fallen in love with Lion Brand Mandala yarn (and no, I’m not getting paid to say that, would be nice though!) The vibrant colors and the ease of use, not to mention the large amount of yardage in a cake and the very affordable price and I am hooked. It is the yarn I’m using for my Euphoria Cardi that I’ve mentioned a ton. I also made a shawl with it that I still need to give you the pattern for. (Hint: It’s the same as the Ann Shawl, the row count is just different with the smaller yarn, but you can totallyRead More →

Have fun and make this adorable chocolate house!

I’m going to go on the record and say that I pretty much eat my weight in gingerbread every December. It’s true. I have a family recipe that makes about 500 cookies (seriously, it uses almost 5 pounds of flour) and my family eats it day in and day out, constantly. Three cookies will constitute a breakfast or lunch. That said, I was over at The Chocolate Belles – cake decorating and candy making supplies website the other day, and saw a chocolate house mold and HAD to have it. I wrote them a quick note and they sent it right over. This chocolate cottage isRead More →

The cover and craft highlights from a December 1960 magazine issue-- My Workbasket

December 1960! When this magazine cost 15 cents to pick up at a newsstand, and as the handwritten note says shows “knit cuffs!” Also in 1960, the US was the first to legalize the Birth Control Pill. Queen Elizabeth made it known her family would be known as the House of Windsor. The Beatles made their very first ever public performance. Perhaps you were reading Lady Catterly’s lover, this year it was unbanned in the England after 32 years, or maybe you were more of the To Kill a Mockingbird type.  If you could afford $219.95 for a 23″ tv then you could watch theRead More →

One of the projects I worked on in December, from the December 1948 issue, was the Man’s Scarf. The only problem was that I was working on it as a secret project for my son and could only work on it while he was outside, or at a friend’s house. Well, it gets dark very early in December, so I was not making much progress on the scarf. I intended to have it wrapped as a Christmas present but that just did not happen. I only had about 15″ of scarf on Christmas. So I told my son the plan, showed him the scarf, andRead More →

My Geraniums from the December 1948 issue are coming along. I have four leaves done and four of the sixteen flowers.  I’m using size 10 crochet cotton, though I do hope to one day try a size 5, and a very thin florist wire. I may have to switch to a stronger wire for the stems. We shall see.  I strongly suspect my “Men’s Scarf” will not be done in time for Christmas. If I was working on it steady it would, but I’m trying to do it in secret only while my son plays outside, and this early nights, and recent extreme cold, andRead More →

My favorite gadget for making perfect pom-poms! Affordable, super easy to use and makes amazing poms!-- My Workbasket

When I started this blog I had a feeling I’d have several projects that needed pompoms (then here it is three months in and not a single pompom required) and I ordered a set of pompom makers. I figured a good set would help make me a bit faster than other methods, and would keep the blog projects rolling along. I ordered this set for around $6-7 on Amazon. There are several listings for a set of four, I’m sure any of them would be comparable. The shipping was a bit slower than prime, but faster than forever. Funny fact, they’re labeled “knitting loom” butRead More →

I can’t believe it is December!!! Halloween was ages ago! So crazy how it all just flew by, but it really is December and I’m ready to belatedly introduce the December issue I’ll be using.  I used a random number generator to pick a year, and the found the nearest year I had, which in this case was 1948.  This is the oldest issue currently in my collection. It’s the same standard size but it’s thin compared to other issues I’ve used. Once opening it you can see it’s still high on content, though no gardening section or many recipes, but has very few ads.Read More →