Every week I discuss what I'm working on how it's going and what I'm up to. --My Workbasket

I admit it, my weekly workbasket post is late. I usually type it up on Sunday, while reviewing my week and creating a to-do list, but that didn’t work out this week. First I was using my computer to list some various items for sale (homeschool books) and my computer died. No blog post with a dead computer. Then my son went swimming with friends while my computer charged and I spent lots of time crocheting, knitting, and spending time with my husband. Then Bip-Bam-Boom it was bedtime and the post never got done. So here I am, posting it on a Monday. I hadRead More →

The June 1952 issue features this “Spoke Pan Holder” and I knew right way I wanted to make it. I love the Spoke Motif, and it becomes a fairly mindless pattern once it’s set up. The pattern is quite easy, and would also be a nice afghan, or tablecloth, or even scarf, depending on what yarn or thread you use. I did this red one following the original pattern, but didn’t sew on a ring, just because I doubt I’d ever hang it up anyway. Will be super easy to add later if I want to. The Pattern Use any yarn, with a hook sizeRead More →

Every week I discuss what I'm working on how it's going and what I'm up to. --My Workbasket

I started these posts to help show that I am being productive behind the scenes, but I feel like it shows the opposite. This is the third week and I feel like I’m still working on half the items from the first week. When you really pay attention to time it just seems to show how much it flies doesn’t it?  I have worked on the 5D peacock, the head and neck are complete (except for the beak) I have a stack of projects standing by for the blog next month, and am working on some for this month. I’m struggling with the June 1952Read More →

If you picked up this issue on the News Stand (I assume it was sold there) you may also have just bought hamburger meat at 53 cents a pound, and dropped off your $80 rent check. There is a pretty good chance your family owned a car (3 out of 5 did,) as well as a telephone (2 out of 3) or even a television! (1 out of 3) It is sad to say though that on that TV you may have watched news of the Korean War, or Nelson Mandella’s arrest, or about the polio epidemic. There was some good news this year though.Read More →

Every week I discuss what I'm working on how it's going and what I'm up to. --My Workbasket

It’s May 28th I have had the best day! Earlier I took my son and two friends to a local school and randomly bumped into a local guy who is a Guinness World Record holder! He is on for something bike related and put on quite a show for us when I asked if that was him. The new book comes out in August and I have a feeling we’ll be buying it and then carrying it around hoping for another encounter and a chance to get an autograph! It was really cool. My family also went out and visited a local comic book store,Read More →

I’ve decided to start doing a regular post called Weekly Workbasket, where I’ll share with you some of my To Do List and goals for the week. Besides this website I also homeschool, run a homeschool group, and of course mother and take care of the house. All of that will be reflected somewhat in what you see here. Here’s what I have coming up. I recently started a lacy crochet project for next month’s blog. So hopefully I’ll be working on that this week. I have 2 out of ??? parts done. It’s using this yarn, which I balled up this week, (and encounteredRead More →

Usually I sit down on the weekend and do some blog posts for the week, but this weekend I was busy on Saturday, and Sunday had a crazy headache and wanted to write when I’d actually make sense. Where was I busy on Saturday? The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! Believe it or not, that hand creme was the only personal purchase I made! My family also bought lots of sheep and goat cheese. The booths were amazing, and covered the vast world of knitting, spinning, and weaving, but I did feel several crafts were a bit absent. Crochet for example. I saw no boothsRead More →

Every year my son and I volunteer at a local booksale and acquire some new items. Usually books obviously, the occasional game, and this year, he got this! AND, he didn’t say “Mom, can you make these for me?” What he did say was “Mom! Can you teach me to crochet so I can make these?!?!” Of course I said yes. I’ve tried for many years to get him to learn a craft, mostly because I think it’s useful, but also to try and help some of his anxiety. So far it is slow going. I taught him to chain and this has been created.Read More →

In the April 1949 issue there was an adorable little egg cozy, just basic crochet with instructions to make a rooster or a bunny. I was very excited because we eat insane amounts of eggs. My son and I will often has 2-3 soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Having cute bunnies and roosters would be a nice pick me up at the breakfast table. I got right to work and made one. First you build the basic base: Then you add the details like bunny ears or rooster parts. So I did. Went for the bunny first. And Now For the Fail: And then IRead More →

The last two issues I’ve done correlated very well with the time of this year’s Easter. Easter themed projects in both. The April issue had several quick crafts and I’ve accomplished several of them that I’ll be telling you about. This cross is one thing I made, and it was super easy and quick. The best part was that I used skeins of perle cotton, just the cheap kind you’d buy in a big pack for friendship bracelets and such. It used two skeins of pink and one of white, and I just used all the leftover to make the tassel, so that it usedRead More →

Finished Owl from a Diamond Embroidery kit

Almost every issue of The Workbasket features some variety of send away craft kit. Send away and get this or that or the other. So recently I decided to “send away” (in reality, order online at like 1:02 am) a craft kit for 5D embroidery. I had originally heard of it when I was in a huge cross stitch phase (doesn’t everyone have one of those) and some of my groups mentioned them, or they’d come up while searching. The idea is that you glue a tiny rhinestone in a spot, similar to how you’d stitch an X and create a picture. The big differenceRead More →

When I saw the ad on the back of the January 1967 issue I became infatuated with the Snack Hound. The National Handcraft Society,  aka The Fad of the Month Club, was a long running craft club that has lots of advertisements in the Workbasket over the years. What I found interesting is that there were also membership pins! If you remained a member for one year you got a little gold pin. So cool. You can still find the kits on ebay, and other second hand sources like thrift stores and yard sales.  I decided to try to track down a Snack Hound, soRead More →

My favorite gadget for making perfect pom-poms! Affordable, super easy to use and makes amazing poms!-- My Workbasket

When I started this blog I had a feeling I’d have several projects that needed pompoms (then here it is three months in and not a single pompom required) and I ordered a set of pompom makers. I figured a good set would help make me a bit faster than other methods, and would keep the blog projects rolling along. I ordered this set for around $6-7 on Amazon. There are several listings for a set of four, I’m sure any of them would be comparable. The shipping was a bit slower than prime, but faster than forever. Funny fact, they’re labeled “knitting loom” butRead More →