Recently on a crochet group I’m in a designer asked for pattern testers and since I am a bit ahead on blog projects and had a light project load at the moment I volunteered. I had no idea what the project would be until she sent me the pattern, but I knew it was crochet, supposed to be quick, and used the colorful cake yarns so popular right now.  I was super surprised to get this adorable pattern for a Betta Fish Lovey!                Read More →

This month’s issue, January 1967, didn’t have a ton of projects I was dedicated to make, but one of the ones I did decide to do was this adorable baby sweater. Here is a little fact I may have mentioned before, I’m not a sweater maker. I’ve only ever made, and finished, three sweaters before in my life.  I also kinda made a vest. But I really wanted to make this sweater. It had a stitch pattern which adds to my chance of completion, and it is small, which increases my chances even more. So I started. Since when I picked the yarn I didn’tRead More →