Making Perler Bead crafts from the Vacation Crafting book

I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them craft away…. A while ago I was sent two great books of kids crafts to review. I’m a bit delayed in posting about them, especially since one of them is titled “Vacation Crafts,” and says it’s for summer. The thing is though I did that intentionally. I don’t believe crafts should just being during the summer. I think they should be every day, especially as a homeschooler. So I wanted to feature these books after everyone was kind of over summer break and while homeschoolers are planning and prepping for next year.Read More →

The colors I'll be using on my throw for the crochet along. -- My Workbasket

Anyone interested in a crochet along? I found this blanket pattern recently while searching for more tunisian projects and fell in love with it. I kept trying to push it out of my head but just couldn’t, then a yarn that featured colors I liked went on sale, and now here we are! I like that you learn several new stitch patterns as you go, and get to expand your skills and knowledge while completing a wonderful project!Read More →

One cast off and the the other cast on, but be designing a new pattern!-- My Workbasket

Last week was a bit of  a mess. My son and I both were fighting a bug at the beginning of the week and just dragging along, and then I had a headache for about 3 days at the end of the week. In fact I didn’t write this post yesterday because it was the first day I felt up to doing much and I figured it was better to be productive with actual products then productive by writing this post.Read More →

How to carve your own reusable stamps from erasers! Full photo tutorial-- My Workbasket

Most of you don’t know that this is not my first blog. I’ve actually be blogging in some form for almost 20 years! (My first one was before the word “blogging” existed and I was using html to format stuff.) There is a lot of pages that I have lost or abandoned over the years. Several years ago I made an attempt at blogging that I was very proud off, but thought for various reasons (it’s complicated) that I know longer had access to it, and that it was another long lost project. I just found out it isn’t! I was so excited to seeRead More →

The pond from Willow Oak Herb Farm! A simply magical place in Maryland that is well worth the trip. -- My Workbasket

I am much recovered from my mild freak out that I talked about last week, but I have decided on a few things for my life moving forward. Nothing that effects the website here, but just in general about how I’ll be approaching things. I just need to repeat the mantra often that “I can’t do it all” but I am trying to leverage my time to do the things I care about most. I probably will not be talking about next week often in my weekly workbaskets anymore. I am trying to do things more as they come and less planning it all out.Read More →

The August issue didn’t feature to awful many projects, but I needed a knitting project because I didn’t like the one I tried in the July issue. It was awkward stitching, and I felt the finished style was to loose, it didn’t look like the bobbles it claimed to be. So I started the basic scarf from August. It’s a super simple stitch that almost any knitter has done before . I loved it though! I don’t remember any projects with this stitch, though I’m sure they existed. It was just repetitive enough to not get boring and just simple enough to remember and doRead More →

Making some notebooks for my traveler's notebook, and just some to have in my bag. -- My Workbasket

First let me talk for a minute about life. We are expected to balance WAY to much in this life. Have a green smoothie every day, BUT don’t always use kale or it can mess up your thyroid. (Plus, kale is disgusting.) Eat plenty of fruit, BUT be careful it contains so much sugar! You should have a spotless home, home cooked meals, and be a happy homemaker, BUT you should have an income. Eat eggs for protein, but not to many, the jury is still out on cholesterol. Relax, take a day off, but be productive. Remember your vitamins. Exercise! It’s just to much!Read More →

Showing off 5 lbs of sewing goodies and vintage crafty items!

I said that I wanted to show you my recent ebay purchase with all the sewing goodies. I kept putting it off because it would take SO many photos to show you everything, so instead I decided to make a video! I’d love to hear your thoughts (I know the video could be better) and what your favorite item from the box is! Sorry I talk a bit fast, I knew there was a LOT to show and didn’t want the video to be an hour long. It’s not truly a “box opening” because I have opened it already, but all the goodies are there,Read More →

Some pages from my sketchbook for the week. Trying to be creative every day! -- My Workbasket

It’s that time again! Let’s talk about life! Parenting- I don’t usually say to much about parenting, because honestly this blog is to give me something else to think about, talk about, and focus on, BUT this week. I swear my child has not shut up for at least 7 days straight. I locked myself in the bathroom and he just stood on the other side of the door talking to me the entire time I was in there. He has some various special needs that cause this sort of thing. Just, oh man, there is not enough coffee for this. It’s affected my productivityRead More →

August 1959! What a year! Bread cost about 20 cents a loaf. Hawaii and Alaska both were admitted to the union and became a state! The beautiful, blonde Barbie showed up! Ben-Hur was in theaters after breaking records on the amount spent in production (15.9 million) and you could get a ticket to see it for about $1. One of my favorite TV shows of all time debuted in October, featuring the gorgeous Rod Serling, on The Twilight Zone. (Seriously, I don’t know what it is about him, but I think Rod is just dreamy in those old episodes.) Bonanza also started airing, and TheRead More →