The July 1983 issue of The Workbasket has tons of Christmas and winter goods. One of them is this crocheted tassel hat. In the same issue is a similar knit hat (but I didn’t make that one, yet!) This hat is constructed flat and then stitched up. The rows create the stripes so your sideways rows go top to bottom when completed. Very neat. One side features a series of decreases and stitch changes to create the smaller top. You create the ridges by working in the back loop only.Read More →

The “Making Cents” column in the July 1983 issue featured one tiny little craft idea that I thought was super cute! A walnut shell strawberry magnet. I knew right away that I wanted to make it, but did wonder where I’d find a walnut shell in the middle of summer. I always put out mixed nuts at the holidays, in a vintage nut bowl I have, and if it was anywhere from November to January I’d just walk over and get one. BUT this is July, the only thing I have is pistachios, and some abandoned hazelnuts that I throw outside for the chipmunks sometimes.Read More →

This Bias Knit Scarf from the July 1983 issue was a super fun and easy knit!  Easy to remember stitch pattern, just varied enough to keep it interested, AND no ends to weave in! That’s right, NO ends! As you change colors you leave a tail which later becomes part of the side fringe. Making It: I was more than halfway finished when I realized I missed a golden opportunity! If I had used red and white it would look like a candy cane! I intend to make a few more that use that idea. It only takes a small skein of each color, soRead More →

I’ve been writing this blog for several months now and this is the first time I picked a specific issue instead of using a random method. Why? It’s my birthday! I was born in July 1983, and knew I wanted to do that issue this month. Here’s some fun facts: After I was born, and named Alicia, in July, Hurricane Alicia struck Texas in August! I wonder if my parent’s were regretting their name choice. It was the first hurricane to make landfall in the US in three years and caused billions in damage. Also that year unemployment reached the highest number since 1941, EthiopiaRead More →

1980 had quite a few big things happen. The Iraq-Iran war started. Ronald Reagan will be elected later this year.  Mt Saint Helens erupted just recentlyand erupted again this month, killing 57 people. A personal favorite- the Post It hit the market! John Lennon was killed this year in December. The USA won it’s first ever gold in Olympic Ice Hockey! A southern heatwave for the upcoming summer killed over 1000 people! The wonderful classic Pac-Man was showing up in arcades. One phrase was HUGE, big enough that I wasn’t even born yet and still I’ve heard it countless times, “Who shot JR?!” And inRead More →