Two Rows down, many many left to do.

I was a crafty child, I’ve mentioned that before. I remember doing some things successfully and some things poorly, and I remember a LOT of giving up and unfinished projects. A LOT. One project/craft I remember trying and quitting was latch hook. The idea of a handmade rug for my room was of course to tempting to ignore, and I feel fairly certain there was one with cats on it which ended up in my hands. I do not have a latch hook cat rug. I remember it being SO fiddly and giving up. I also remember giving up on more than one knit scarf,Read More →

Hi everyone!! Recently I’ve been chugging away at several projects and working on doing my Make Your Home Challenges, and I’ve been pondering something. Condo Knitting. Recently, I have been hearing this phrase and people claiming “it was hugely popular in the 70s.” Condo Knitting is knitting using two different size needles. Here’s the thing though I have been reading vintage stuff, and especially craft stuff, for most of my life (born in the wrong era remember) with a huge emphasis on the 60s and especially 70s. I’ve read pretty much every 70s thing I could get my hands on for over 20 years. (MakeRead More →

1977 Issue of the Workbasket magazine, a vintage craft and homemaking magazine.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I cannot even believe it is 2018. My son is old enough now to realize how quickly time goes and is often commenting on it. 2017 was a good year all in all, but every year has its ups and downs. I was super sick last year for New Years, some weird virus, but other than that 2017 was one of the healthiest years of my life. How was your 2017? Are you excited for 2018? Any big events this year for you? Total truth here: I was so gearing up for 2018 that I almost forgot to actually getRead More →

March got away from me before I tried the Noodle Bake recipe in the 1975 issue, but I did make it before going on my trip. Then I ate it a few times for lunch while traveling and while away. Not always easy to find gluten free foods, so it was a nice fall back. I forgot to take a photo before the first serving was gone. Hard to remember while also talking to your child. It’s not the most appealing food I admit. But the taste wasn’t bad. The noodles came out a bit overcooked and were quite soggy. Usually gluten free pasta getsRead More →

I started the Foot Warmers pattern last week as we waited for a snow storm to blow in. Both the snow storm and slipper pattern were a bit of a flop. It did snow, some, and the the pattern does make slippers, but neither were quite what was expected. When I started the slippers I immediately noticed the math wasn’t quite right. There is a small error in the pattern. I gave it a very real thought that I was having a brain fart and sent the numbers over to my mom with a message of “crochet this real quick and tell me if itRead More →

I’m really struggling with the blog this month. I’ve yet in casual browsing to find an issue that didn’t amaze me, but this issue kind of does. I’m just not in love with anything in it. I DO however have some stuff coming down the line, but I’m just generally uninspired this month. There has been a lot of sitting and saying “I SHOULD be doing something for my blog,” while then NOT actually doing it. I did order a plant based on an ad and am attempting to grow it. The placemats, the only project I both really liked and do somewhat need, causedRead More →

1975, what a year! The Kool-Aid man started appearing in some TV commercials! and TVS in Australia even started broadcasting some color! The betamax was released. In 1975 the ring tab beer and soda can design was discontinued (and was previously used in wide variety of crafts!) Two true classics came out, in music, Bohemian Rhapsody, and in theater, Rocky Horror Picture Show! You may have been carrying around a pet rock, while wearing a mood ring. And on tv you may have been watching All in the Family, Sanford and Son, or a personal old favorite of mine, Rhoda! In March specifically the Eagles,Read More →

When I saw the ad on the back of the January 1967 issue I became infatuated with the Snack Hound. The National Handcraft Society,  aka The Fad of the Month Club, was a long running craft club that has lots of advertisements in the Workbasket over the years. What I found interesting is that there were also membership pins! If you remained a member for one year you got a little gold pin. So cool. You can still find the kits on ebay, and other second hand sources like thrift stores and yard sales.  I decided to try to track down a Snack Hound, soRead More →