In the April 1949 issue there was an adorable little egg cozy, just basic crochet with instructions to make a rooster or a bunny. I was very excited because we eat insane amounts of eggs. My son and I will often has 2-3 soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Having cute bunnies and roosters would be a nice pick me up at the breakfast table. I got right to work and made one. First you build the basic base: Then you add the details like bunny ears or rooster parts. So I did. Went for the bunny first. And Now For the Fail: And then IRead More →

The last two issues I’ve done correlated very well with the time of this year’s Easter. Easter themed projects in both. The April issue had several quick crafts and I’ve accomplished several of them that I’ll be telling you about. This cross is one thing I made, and it was super easy and quick. The best part was that I used skeins of perle cotton, just the cheap kind you’d buy in a big pack for friendship bracelets and such. It used two skeins of pink and one of white, and I just used all the leftover to make the tassel, so that it usedRead More →

One of the projects I worked on in December, from the December 1948 issue, was the Man’s Scarf. The only problem was that I was working on it as a secret project for my son and could only work on it while he was outside, or at a friend’s house. Well, it gets dark very early in December, so I was not making much progress on the scarf. I intended to have it wrapped as a Christmas present but that just did not happen. I only had about 15″ of scarf on Christmas. So I told my son the plan, showed him the scarf, andRead More →

My Geraniums from the December 1948 issue are coming along. I have four leaves done and four of the sixteen flowers.  I’m using size 10 crochet cotton, though I do hope to one day try a size 5, and a very thin florist wire. I may have to switch to a stronger wire for the stems. We shall see.  I strongly suspect my “Men’s Scarf” will not be done in time for Christmas. If I was working on it steady it would, but I’m trying to do it in secret only while my son plays outside, and this early nights, and recent extreme cold, andRead More →

I started another one of the December 1948 projects, the crocheted flowers!  So far I have one leaf, with some errors in it. I have to make a new leaf with a thinner wire, and then if it’s good make three more. Four leaves total for the geranium. Instead of the various wires and threads used in the instructions I’m trying to find one thread type and one wire type to use. I tried a 22 gauge and it’s just to thick. So I’m experimenting with some different wires and threads and will hopefully come up with an updated supply list for you.  The constructionRead More →

I can’t believe it is December!!! Halloween was ages ago! So crazy how it all just flew by, but it really is December and I’m ready to belatedly introduce the December issue I’ll be using.  I used a random number generator to pick a year, and the found the nearest year I had, which in this case was 1948.  This is the oldest issue currently in my collection. It’s the same standard size but it’s thin compared to other issues I’ve used. Once opening it you can see it’s still high on content, though no gardening section or many recipes, but has very few ads.Read More →