Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Craft Chatter

Supply Shopping

I went out today to get supplies I needed for projects in the current issue, and also for some unrelated Halloween supplies. Well, the craft store had quite a sale! 

All of this came home with me. The teal colored Aunt Lydias are for the potholder in the current issue. The red, white, and green are for Christmas ornaments in the current issue. The orangey/peachy stuff is for a child’s sweater that I will be modifying from the current issue. The rest? Well it was cute, and on sale, and worsted weight! So I’ll certainly need it for future issues right? The sketchbooks? Those are just my favorite ones, and they were on sale too! Now, I’ll be sitting down to finish a tatting pattern from the current issue, and then on to the next project! 

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