Super Simple Crochet Cat Balls

A free crochet pattern for super simple cat ball toys!

This pattern is almost to easy to bother writing, but I want to share it anyway. If you are a more experienced crocheter you can no doubt make these without a pattern, but you may still be interested in my stuffing. Our Kismet is still quite playful and I often will whip up a quick toy because he’s a bit of a biter when he’s playful. These super simple crochet cat balls fill that need, and the addition of catnip just really throws him over the edge! You can easily crochet one in just a few minutes!

A free crochet pattern for super simple cat ball toys!

The Pattern

This pattern really just takes the smallest oddments of scrap yarn, and color obviously doesn’t matter. I used worsted weight. You could easily use bulky and a larger hook and make bigger ones, or a finer yarn and finer hook and make smaller ones. 

Use a G Hook- slighter smaller or slightly larger won’t matter. The gauge doesn’t need to be tight, so there is no need to downsize your hook like  you would for most stuffed things. You’ll see why. 

You do NOT need stuffing. You do however need a plastic bag! That’s right! It’s stuffed with a piece of plastic bag. The cheap handled grocery style bags work best, cut or tear one in half so that each half has a handle and some bag. No need to be exact! since one bag makes 2 balls it helps eliminate landfill/recycling! The bag helps it make a cat pleasing crinkle sound, and it also makes the ball a bit flexible, which Kismet seems to enjoy. 

One bag, one small scrap ball of yarn, 2 cat toys!

How To:

Using Magic Circle or the adjustable loop (I do something, I don’t know which of these it is) sc 6 in the loop and then pull it tight. 

2 HDC (Half double crochet) in each loop around. (Half double is yarn over the hook as to double crochet, then through the stitch, yo, then pull through. YO and pull through all loops, instead of two pieces like a DC) 

2 HDC in one, HDC in next around

Next two rows- HDC in each stitch around

HD 2 together, HDC 1 around (If you don’t exactly know how to HDC 2 Together it’s okay to wing it a bit. I promise your cat will never know!) 

HDC2 together around. The hold will be starting to get small. Whenever if it getting too small for comfort stuff in your plastic bag and then keep working to crochet the hole shut. 

End off leave a long end and sew up the tiny hole left. For a real treat, you can sprinkle on some catnip and rub it in a bit and then just throw it to your cat and let him go wild!

If your cat is neutered you can make jokes about his two fluffy balls, or how you’re giving him replacements. Of course, this step is totally optional. 

Our Kismet the cat has been with us just over a year! If you’d like to hear the very interesting story of how we got him, and why he’s named Kismet, or if you’d just like a free pattern for a crochet cat bed, you can find it at my Kismet Cat Bed pattern page!

I intend to make a bunch for craft shows, feel free to do the same! I’d love to see photos of your cat enjoying his new toy! Any questions just ask!

4 thoughts on “Super Simple Crochet Cat Balls

  1. Just finished one about 20 minutes ago, and I’ve been laughing at my cat enjoying it since. Super quick and easy, and the grocery bag stuffing was perfect! Thank you!

  2. This is a delightfully easy pattern to crochet. I was actually able to crochet it around a jingle ball. I inserted the ball after I had the first of the HDC-Together row about halfway finished. It takes a little coordination to work the rest of it but my cat absolutely LOVES it.

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