Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Craft Projects


As I write this it’s the Saturday before Halloween (the post is scheduled to show up in a few days, so it’ll be after Halloween when you read this.) My son sat at the table carving a pumpkin, and I sat on the couch knitting Christmas Ornaments, well, Christmas Ornament, single. I’ll probably make more, but probably not today. 

Behold, the tiniest stocking I’ve made so far in my life:

The pattern was super easy, no mistakes or errors, very easy to follow, and only took maybe an hour or so to complete. I chose not to sew on any extra ornamentation, but I did crochet in a little hanging loop. 

I did get a bit of a surprise when what I thought was the heel, turned out to be the toes, and then instead of rows more I was done! (My brain was discombobulated, the pattern said instep, but here I sat thinking the instep was the underside of your foot.) A quick little ornament that I can put on one of my Christmas trees this year. 

This is from the October/November 1992 issue, which also featured a few other cute quick ornaments. 

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