Stamp Carving- Tutorial- Make Your Own Reusable Rubber Stamps

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  1. Gloria Schryver says:

    Alicia, I ran across this post as I was trying to empty my email in box of several years of backlog. After years of working with sport or worsted weight yarn, I have returned to thread work (think Knit Cro Sheen type) and an having a problem from arthritis and keeping my tension. Have you ever run across a ring that will help you hold tension and keep the yarn off your finger? My MIL had one that was an offset wrap (Spoon ring anyone) that had a knob on top to hold the thread. I have been trying to find something like it on a lot of websites, but have had no luck to date. I have seen some that would work great for sport or worsted weight yarns, but nothing for the thread size. Any ideas or old ads that might give a clue to this? If you have any ideas I would appreciate an email. Thanks a lot.

    • AliciaS says:

      There is a metal one that I think works with thread! I have to get off the computer for the moment, but I’ll look up a link and try to send it to you. 🙂

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