Six Ways to Have Family Fun

Picnics are the ultimate in family fun! Relax and enjoy one!

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I want to start encouraging my readers to relax, enjoy themselves, and stress a little less. Try some hobbies you’ve always wanted. Experiment. Be free. So to do that I’m going to start a series of posts with fun things to do! The could be anything from interesting videos to crafts to art to fun challenges and everything in between. Just a way to encourage you to try fun things, relax and enjoy life more.  SO here is your list of fun things to try this week! Since the weekend is about the begin and school is almost out it’s a great time to get started! Here are my first six ways to have family fun!


Six Ways to Have FUN

  1. Go on an Exploration Adventure- It always amazes people how people barely know their own backyards and surrounding neighborhood. I want you to just go exploring. You may not find anything amazing, but at least you’ll understand your area a bit better. Maybe you’ll find an apple tree, I live in a townhouse in the suburbs and I have! One friend of mine has a fig tree in her neighborhood. Another friend found a house with a pear tree, and we once came away with bags and bags of pears. Across the street from my house is a very small woods, most people just walk their dogs there, but when my son was little we discovered that if you walk all the way through you come out to a business center, and the lobby of that business center had a giant taxidermied polar bear!
  2. Throw some Goblies! This one is on my personal to-do list. These fun paintballs are $7 a bag at Michaels and contain 40 balls. (I’ve seen them on sale for $5!) I can’t wait to grab a few bags, a few friends, and have a paintball party! They’re washable AND Biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about messy cleanup! If you are the nervous type don’t avoid it all together, find a way to make it work for you. You could grab some cheap shirts and wear them so you don’t have to worry about stains!
  3. Play a game! This one is easy, but it’s even more impactful if you make time for it suddenly. So often I see people schedule fun that I feel like they are missing the point. Fun should be spontaneous! I own an embarrassing amount of games, over 100, but if you don’t here are some fun games and sets to get you started! The best part about games is that they are inexpensive an reusable! If you really want to seem like Mom of the Year, if you order games get the box(es) addressed to your kids, let them open the packages, and be prepared to play a quick game right away!Great for family fun this 7 in 1 game set is affordable and a great way to start a game cabinet!This 7 in 1 set is super affordable and a great way to get your game cabinet started. One of our family favorites! We own an older version and play it often!We own an older version of Payday and play it often. I played it with a friend growing up and it’s one of my son’s favorites as well!  A wild game for family fun can really help everyone relax and enjoy the time spent together!If you really want to have fun together go for a while game like this! I’m adding this one to our list. Sometimes the wildest games are the easiest to relax and enjoy.
  4. Have a picnic. Your family does eat, don’t they? Of course they do! Throw some easy foods in a basket/bag/box and just go. Don’t think for a minute that it needs to be fancy, or amazing. Some cheese and crackers from a grocery bag eaten on an old bedsheet will still be fun. Even if you just chop up some fruit it will be better and more memorable eaten outside. Chances are that you have something you can throw in a bag or box and take it outside to be enjoyed. Picnics are the ultimate in family fun! Relax and enjoy one! Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash
  5. Play Ball!! There are SO many ways to play ball and have fun. You can play in your backyard, at a local park, or even maybe a local school when school is out. Anything from a frisbee to a dirt patch can be used for bases. If you have the money grab a cheap  wiffle ball set. You could use a playground ball and play kickball. If it’s rainy play inside with a balloon! For extra fun don’t keep score! For double extra fun play in a safe place AFTER it should be bedtime!!
  6. This one is will make your kids think you are amazing but really you’re just getting some chores done! Chances are you have a coffee maker and chances are it has been awhile since you cleaned it. Anytime I clean my coffee maker I pull this trick out of my back pocket. First, fill your coffee maker with 1 cup of vinegar and top it off with water. Dump out any grounds and run it. After you put the vinegar in give the rest of the jug and a box of baking soda to your kids (or if they are little you can supervise this) tell them to make baking soda volcanoes in all the sinks! This helps clean dirt and grime from the pipes as it foams. After your coffee maker finishes you’ll need to run several cycles of plain water. Take each pot of hot water and dump it down a sink. That rinses the baking soda and vinegar down and cleans it even more! The hot water helps break up any grease! So the whole thing helps you clean your pipes, your coffee maker, AND makes your kids think you are awesome!

I hope you enjoy some of these ideas! I’d also advise journaling about the fun you have, even on just some index cards. I’ll reveal why later this month or so, but index cards are a great option for journaling!

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I’d also LOVE to hear what you think of these ideas in the comments below! Are you able to relax and enjoy fun with your family? Or are you excited to see more posts like this with ideas you can incorporate?

Six easy ways to have family fun from My Workbasket
Summer is coming! Find ways to enjoy your time together with these six ideas from My Workbasket

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